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Visitor Survey and Results (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is nice simple element designed to make surveying your visitors that little bit prettier. Includes the question, multiple choice answers and of course the results.

Surveying your site’s visitors can be extremely beneficial and more often than not, gives you access to information you would otherwise not have from dissecting analytics and such – you just have to ask the right questions! Enjoy the download!


  1. Matthew wheeler

    Cracking stuff, don’t know how you do it :) thanks

  2. Wow, like this alot.

    Thanks for this one, again :)

  3. Ah, paper-stack. Nice! :)

  4. Awesome PSD, but you made a mistake in the third question: It should be “What have you been smoking?.” I might just be a grammar nazi, but meh. Awesome work!

    • Orman

      Haha, no I meant to phrase it how I did and yeah, I know it’s incorrect :)

  5. Jamie

    Awesome Stuff Orman, Always Looking Forward For More! :)

  6. sam

    i sent an email asking if this could be the next freebie – and 3 days later – just brilliant!

    thanks a million-times-over!

  7. You are the man, it’s beautifull

  8. xaquree

    This is certainly different…and lovely as usual. We appreciate all that you do, Orman!

  9. Rensa

    It looks like a stack of paper-polls. Love it :P
    You never run out of ideas, when i want to practise my designs i don’t know what to make, you have the best ideas :P

  10. Frank Martin

    How can I kill a tiger armed only with a biro?

    • Tiger Killer

      Easy! Stab it in the eye. :D

  11. Really like this, the subtle background used for the labels is fantastic. I’ll defiantly be using that idea.

  12. Looks incredible Orman.
    Nice and soft yet crisp – awesome :)

  13. Love the quote from The Office hahaha!!

  14. thesergie

    Haha! Funny stuff. Orman, you know you look a lot like Kelly Slater? Go paddle out to any lineup and watch people’s reactions!

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