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ViewPort: Magazine Site Template (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is another big one, a complete magazine style site layout. Looking through my archives I found this unused design and thought you guys might find a use for it!

The design includes everything you would need to get started setting up a content-heavy site and includes sections for various widgets and ad space. Let me know if you find these layouts helpful. Enjoy!


  1. Superb!!! Great work as always Orman :)

  2. Hi,
    Great theme, do you think it would be possible to have it in WordPress way?


  3. Oooo some orange…serious like =) keep up the awesome work.

  4. Wow very generous Orman, nice one!

  5. Luke S

    Going to attempt to code this up, may take some time though :-)

  6. erwin

    this is awesome!

  7. Panji

    Lovely freebies!!!

  8. OMG amazing template!
    Thank you!

  9. rich

    It’s nice, but it feels a bit dated. I think (I know) you can design a magazine theme that’s more innovative.

    Have you seen these for example?:

    Can’t fault your generosity though, Orman!

    • Orman

      I think all the clues are in the post description ;) I have seen those examples before, some sweet work.

    • Justin

      Rich….. its free…..

  10. orangesandlime

    If there is one word with which I can describe you and your work:


  11. Awesome looking template.
    And this one looks good to practice my budding PSD to (X)HTML+CSS skills on.
    The ones I’ve done so far were far less challenging.

    Thanks. :)

  12. dominic

    Sweet looking template can’t disagree with rich more

  13. lhoussine

    Awesome looking template.
    What are used fonts?

  14. Anewdaybeginsalways

    That is so AMAZING!! I LOVE IT! Thank you so very, very much! Do you know what a gift you have? I am in such awe!! Wow! Words can’t say…
    Trust me, I am going to spread the word about you!

    Take care! :-)

  15. Pedro Hardt

    Really extra extraordinary all your designs! Thank you for sharing.
    Would the Viewport design be available as a WP-Theme? It’s what i’m looking for

  16. This is great Orman! Why didn’t you finish it up?

  17. w1sh

    What font for the logo please?

    • Luke S

      Are you mad? Just download the PSD and look for yourself.

  18. Luke S

    Orman, could we get the images you used in the full size preview? :-)



  19. Luke S

    I have coded this up! :-) I still need to place some images but I am unable to find them. I was using Googles image tool to find some but the others are too small and google is failing to find them. Also I still need to incorporate the drop down menus but I am having some trouble but here is the page for now..

    Enjoy :D

    • john

      I am missing the content striped background at Chrome :(

    • john

      Forget it my. My mistake. I thought the bg was going all the way down but I looked again at the original and see that this is the actual design. Good work buddy :)

  20. Riley

    Great work. John is there anyway I could download a zip of the css and code. Thanks

  21. Riley

    Thanks guys for the zip file and the design. Great work!

  22. can I make a WordPress theme of it and give it away on my site?

    • Orman

      Sure. Credit for the design would be nice.

  23. awesome, of course I’ll put a link to the design in the theme and the download page!
    thanks Orman

  24. brian

    There are so many things I like about this psd. :-)

  25. Perfect!
    Good reference for designing your own magazine layout/template…

  26. Chris

    Wow, all of these templates are fantastic!
    As someone who is clueless about web design, they make really great learning tools. Much appreciated :)

  27. Brian

    Just stumbled on to your site.I haven’t gotten into using WordPress yet but I’m thinking about it. Thank You for sharing your great work!

  28. Christopher Dosin

    Great template orman ! currently i`m adapting this psd theme to a new joomla 1.7 template :)

  29. Great work on the design Orman. I am currently slicing this up and we’ll be selling it as a Genesis child theme on StudioPress.

  30. Really nice work! you rocks!

  31. Buda90

    this theme would be perfect for my site, can you make it for WP pretty please :)

  32. Looking forward to some reverse engineering on this one…. A great design and learning tool. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Fernando Chaves

    Bookmarked your site!

  34. HLB

    Such a good design, can privilege to be here to share and download is really very happy!

  35. aileen

    Great, thanks

  36. rdynamic


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