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Vertical Navigation Menu (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet and simple vertical navigation menu with styles for sub menus thrown in for good measure. If you’re looking for a nav widget, this could be for you.


  1. Terrific work, Orman. You turn out such great stuff again and again. And again.

    One little picky, I-probably-should-not-even-mention-it-beef: it seems the drop shadow under the blue selected item is a little heavy?

    • Orman

      I think that’s just down to personal preference. All changeable now you have the PSD :)

  2. I love the active’s button color and the way you’ve performed the menu, you keep it clear and smart! such a nice work, man!

  3. Robots? Great PSD Orman!

  4. Robots? :P

  5. Arthur Herrero

    This is simply perfect, super clean! Thanks orman

  6. Really nice work, thank you.

    How do you decide how big an icon will be? Do you do it by feeling and taste or use some measurement, like “2 3rds” of the tab for example?

  7. 16 Robots: R2-D2, C3PO, Bender, Rosey, T-800, T-850, T-1000, T-X, Fembot, Autobot, Decepticons, Sonny, Johnny 5, Robocop, Intergalactic Robot (Rock), Roomba.

    Thanks Orman! Always enjoy learning from you.

  8. Haziq

    A-A-A-MAZING! There’s something about that blue…

  9. Kylie Jamieson

    i ♥ the robot symbol!

    Thanks – you are so generous with your work!

  10. Ben

    Just to let everyone know – you can grab the code for it here:

  11. Chuck Crawford

    You’re right you probably shouldn’t mention it. It’s to taste.
    Orman, it’s all good! Thanks so much!

  12. Been following your work for a while now; but this right here is amazing! I could build an entire website based on your freebies; thanks again.

  13. That’s neat! Thanks Orman.

    I love blue too, but its really looking out of context here, just a thought.

  14. Thanks for such a neat freebie!

    I’ve just uploaded jQuery accordion menu based upon your PSD, checkout

  15. Orman, as a part of css365 project, we made a css version of your beautiful work :)

    Big time fan. Keep up!

  16. Pierre

    Big ups’ Orman, you’re killing it. Keep being true to your passion, it’s clearly paying off bud! Congrats. Oh, and also, nice nav menu :)

  17. Anders Anustrold

    This is so awesome!

  18. I’ve seen this coded by multiple people but I believe each one of them haven’t made it 100% exact to the design, e.g. inset shadows missed etc. I’m not doubting them, they’ve still done a good job :-)

    I’ve gone ahead and coded this, with the help of Daryl Ginn for the jQuery part (I’m a little rusty myself).

  19. Peter

    Hi Orman,
    Thanks so much for all your work.
    I really like the texture pattern overlay you have used on this, did you make it from scratch ?


  20. Great work, thanks!
    I’ve made another CSS3 version:

  21. Jason TEPOORTEN

    Thanks very much for sharing this: the PSD and the code examples.

    I like the collapsible vertical menu with the sub-menus. I find it is great way to group business processes and I’ve seen it work well in previous projects!

  22. waffa wafiyya

    i like that :) thanks so much

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