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Twitter Status Update Bubble (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is one for the Twitter lovers – a status update bubble. If you’re planning on showing tweets on your site, this could be for you.

The design includes the status itself, the user’s avatar and timestamp of the update. While originally based around Twitter, the speech bubble style could equally be used for displaying testimonials.


  1. CodeMonkey

    This is cool!

  2. Wow! beautiful and simple design bro… This is what I call Awesome Design ;)

    Keep up the great work… and keep providing us with free beautiful designs… so that I don’t have to work extra for it ;)

    • Orman

      Haha ok, I’ll carry on doing your work for you.

  3. *Face Palm* Simplicity!! So that’s your secret :P

    Looks great man!

    • Orman

      It’s no secret, simple is more effective than complicated every time.

  4. Loving this, great job!

  5. Looks superb Orman – well done :)

  6. Great ! thanks :)

  7. Joe

    hey Orman. Thanks for all the good stuff, no, great stuff!

  8. This site is orgasmic.

    Keep up bro!

    • Mikey C

      You my boy are a time saver! Got crazy deadlines and this is going to save so much time!

  9. rafael

    awesome mate!Cheers!

  10. test

    This is cool!

  11. Lily

    How to coding this?

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