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Twitter App Concept (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is an awesome contribution from UK based designer Daryl Ginn. This Twitter app concept is pixel perfect, you can definitely learn a thing or two from this download.

You should absolutely check out more of Daryl’s work over on Dribbble and give him a big wave on Twitter (@darylbro) :)


  1. Robin Rismyhr

    Looks awesome! and clean!

  2. Ramiro

    Very Good, your page is beatiful!

  3. Now it just needs to be made into a real app :D

  4. Orman, why you won’t create a new (guest) user for posting, for ex: this freebie is created by Daryl, but posted by Orman..

    sorry for my english :D

  5. Nice one…clean and stylish.

  6. Muhammad Qasim

    Really nice design. Has anyone implemented it? would love to see it!

  7. Michael

    The hotcorner…

  8. Ilu

    I’ve coded the toolbar. Looks pretty sweet.
    And the best of all, fully coded, not a single image :)

    Take a look at it here:

  9. shock

    Can you publish please the backgorund wood texture?

  10. You know Pokki. There is a Twitter app although design not as beautiful as this one.

  11. lestorm

    Your site design is totally amazing ,never seen before.!Powered by wordpress ,unbelievable!

  12. GeniusBastard

    Just awesome.

  13. Beautiful design!

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