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Tagtastic Tag Cloud (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a nice and simple little tag cloud – tagtastic! Now there’s no excuse for overlooking this neglected blog element, I’ve done the hard work for you.

Tag clouds can often look a little dull in my opinion and this little freebie may be of use to you when you are designing yours. The download includes the fully editable PSD and so changing colours is easy peasy. Don’t forget to spread the word!


  1. Awesome Orman.
    I am just not sure how you manage to push out so many great resources.
    Do you have a clone?

    • Orman

      Unfortunately not, but like most I definitely could do with one!

  2. Lol, my thoughts presactly!

  3. Not another one ;) Fantastic! Orman, Where do you get the tim !

  4. Jamie Bicknell

    Very, very slick Orman!
    I wasn’t going to have a tag cloud on my blog redesign, but I think I may have to now :D

  5. I love this freebie. Tag clouds are one of those things that are handy and almost necessary on a blog, but it just never looks good. It always looks tacky, but with this design I would enjoy having it on my blog.

  6. Marko

    I like your work. Looks quite simple, but awesome at same time.


  8. Awesome stuff! I have a set I made myself and I SWEAR I just deleted the whole set in favor for yours. It’s nice to get an “upgrade” for my client by just surfing your site. Unreal… Keep it up!

  9. Nice BG :)

  10. Jonathan

    I have been coming to your site for several months as my source of morning inspiration, and every time your ideas beat all. This particular resource may prove invaluable as I work on my own blog — I must say the background texture is also quite nice!

    Keep up the AWESOME work!

  11. The Edge

    Nice work Orman! Just one little question: how can I extend the size of the base smart object without distortion? Thanks in advance!

    • Orman

      What you can do is draw a marquee over the right hand side of the smart object (not base object), select the move tool and use the right arrow while holding CMD to nudge the width of the tag – quick vid

    • Elina

      I think it must be holding the ALT key and not cmd key.

  12. Thank you. This should come in handy ! :D

  13. Simply superb.Great work.

  14. That’s really, really nice work dude. Great stuff!

  15. Edwin Hollen

    Great job Orman!

    I coded it into HTML5 and CSS3 if anyone’s interested:

    The tags are editable. Click in them and change what they say! Works with Firefox and Webkit browsers.

    • Chris

      Awesome Edwin thanks!!

    • William

      Your link here is broken. Been trying to do this but can’t get the left triangle shape to have the proper gradient as a pseudo element border.
      The border gradients only work in FF, too.

  16. Sweet, thanks Orman

    And Edwin – awesome job, they look great (even in IE)

  17. Hey Orman,

    Working like a champ at tumblr and looking good doing it!

    Thanks again for all the great work! If any of your users are tumblr folk, I got code ready to go…


  18. Nice work! Would really love to see them done in canvas, and (as close as it gets) with css3 :)

    @ Edwin Hollen also a nice solution, but not much css3

  19. Outdoor Grills

    Hi Orman,

    I am in love with this tag cloud but since i have literally NO IDEA about coding and css. Can anyone help me set this tag up for my tag “Super Tag Widget” which i have on the right side bar. I’d really appreciate it :)

  20. These are great! Like many, I wonder how you have the drive to give so many great resources away for free, and so often! Great work!


    • Orman

      I work long hours ;)

  21. I just love this combination of shape and colors! So much so that I used it some time ago on a commission of mine –

    Good job, Orman!

    • Orman

      Looking niiice!

  22. @Edvin – you can create that entirely in CSS3.

    Just work in progress but scroll down to find SOLD OUT and AVAILABLE in the sidebar. You can add top and bottom borders and gradients as you please!!

  23. I really like these tags shapes and the fact that the font size is the same for all of them – it looks much more clean and stylish rather than just chaos of plain links of different size.

  24. These are fantastic man. I actually integrated them in my latest Free theme if you want to see them “live” –

    Cheers! And thanks!

    Any new premium theme in “the works”?

  25. Hey,
    awesome work!

    But can you tell me how I change the size of the “tags” without destroying the aspect ratio? Everytime i press CMD+T it would resize to the smalles size.

    It’s about the smart object…that’s what i know …

    please help me

    best regards

    • Orman

      Hey Andre, I linked to a small video of how to do this in one of my above comments.

    • Andre

      Wow, amazing…thank you =)

  26. Maciel Gonçalves

    Very Very nice!

  27. <3

  28. Kamu

    This is a huge help for me, I can tell you really work hours on them, I love your style, simple, and high cuality… thanks for taking the time with your tutorials.

  29. viqueen

    So cool! Thank you! Kinda shocked to see over 12k downloads and only 247 “love it”…. but the “love it” button doesn’t seem to work.

    Too bad, cuz I do love it.

  30. Orman, you are a true design genius. Fresh, clean and modern design. Well done! We are going to include these via css on Does anyone already have the code available?

  31. Very good
    I’ve used it

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