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Subscriber Count Icons (PSD & PNG)


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Social Media Icons, love ‘em or loathe ‘em, they always come in handy! Today’s freebie is a set of social media icons perfect for your RSS, Twitter and Facebook numbers.

Each icon comes in 32x32px .png format and as always the editable PSD is included. Let me know if you find them useful and enjoy the download!

P.S. Would you like see a full set of Social Media Icons designed in this style? Let me know in the comments.


  1. These look really nice Orman. I love the soft feel they have, I prefer them over my own, so it would be great to see an expanded set of these.

    • Orman

      Hey nice icons by the way! I may spend some time on a full set sometime in the future. Thanks.

  2. Nice icons, thanks.

  3. Cesar

    Thanks Orman,
    Great icons! I would love to see a full set of social icons designed by you.


  4. Tony

    Very nice, thanks!
    Hey Orman, what plugin you use for the red announcement bar?

  5. Thanks Orman!
    I have posted it in my blog,

  6. Hi Orman,

    Yeah, there are a lot of social media icon sets out there, but it seems like they’re getting better and better with each iteration. I love the ones you created and I already use them on a project. I was lucky enough to find a matching email icon (with some tweaks), but I would love to see your take on email, flickr, vimeo and other popular ones.

    Keep up the amazing work you’re doing, I’m sure you’re and inspiration to many!

  7. There’s no question that I would TOTALLY use a full set in this style. You deserve a medal…no a trophy.

  8. Excellent work, as always. Keep these coming!

  9. Hello Orman, one question, do you know a html code to put this counters in a website?

  10. Sean G

    Hi, thanks for providing such great resources. But your download link is not working – I get a 404 error page when I try downloading it and same if I click the link for if your browser doesn’t automatically open the link.

    Please fix, thanks!

  11. How do you activate these buttons to add the links and count information? I’m new to this.

  12. Hey Orman, I would like to use these icons on a PSD layout which I’m planning to upload on ThemeForest. Can I use them? I’ll give credit, no doubt :)

    • Orman

      Of course, go for it.

  13. I’d love love love to see a full set of icons. I hate all the ones I’ve found so far! Tumblr, flick, twitter, facebook, youtube, google reader, etc.

  14. AndrewPH

    Thanks for this icons Mr. Orman :) I would love to see more or a full set of this icons too.. :) Nice job! It is ok to ask what code to use regarding the counter? thanks again..

  15. AndrewPH

    What’s the font you’re using on the numbers (PSD) of this set? Thanks :)

  16. Love the icon set — would love to see a matching Instagram icon :)

  17. Can we “see a full set of Social Media Icons designed in this style”? LOL

  18. Thien

    Would be nice to see a G+ icon with those :)

  19. jth

    Nice Work! Could you create one of these for google+ ?

    Thanks alot

  20. Wim Heitinga

    Yes, a full set (including Linkedin) would be great.


  21. mejmankani

    Full set please! thanks

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