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Stitched Fabric Horizontal Accordion (PSD)

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You asked for it, so you’ve got it. Today’s freebie is a stitched fabric SlideDeck skin. Perfect for a horizontal accordion or slider with more than a little pazazz!

I created this file for a competition a while back (nope, I didn’t win) and thought you might want to see how it was created. I would definitely love to see this in use – who’s going to volunteer? As always, the download includes the editable PSD :) Click the image to see the full preview. Enjoy!


  1. Ahh! this was a really great idea.
    I love the texture and colours.
    Well done Orman!

  2. Really great job! Loved this.

  3. Great job! Loved.

  4. The textures on this are amazing! Great work

  5. Nicely done. Really appreciate the work you do on this site.

  6. Martin Zahuta

    This design must be worth hundreds of dollars. Great job!

  7. these are great!! been using a stitch logo banner on my site for some time…but after seeing these mine sucks…i hate you ;)

    • Orman

      Think you’re being a bit tough on yourself there, I think it looks great :)

  8. This is excellent. Thanks for making it freely available! :-)

    • Gemma

      Also – I have my own way of creating stitches using text on a path, but I’m curious to hear what your method is.

    • Orman

      I will have to do a tutorial one day…

    • Martin Zahuta

      Looking forward to that! :)

    • Gemma

      Looking forward to that too!

  9. Rg

    Hey Orman, thanks a lot for this one! I’ve been trying to do an accordion like this in Photoshop, thank God you got one :) Yay saved me a lot of time! Will use this for

  10. Zulmet

    Thanks a lot Orman,
    this looks awesome, its what i needed…

  11. LOVING THIS. It’s been so hard to find a good fabric stitch! Thank you SO much for providing these for free, they’re helping me out immensely. I’ll be using these as the base for some social media icons in an upcoming redesign – thank you!!

    • Orman

      That would be cool to see, drop by and show the finished look!

  12. Great!!!!!! thanks for sharing!

  13. Kerrie

    Awesome thank you

  14. So clean and beautiful. Thank you for the share!

  15. I used your graphics and made a LiteStep theme – it makes Windows look like the design you made!

  16. Thulin

    Are you making the stitching in Photoshop or are you using Illustrator?
    – And thanks for all your articles!

    Kind regards

    • Orman

      In Photoshop using a brush that I had made..

  17. The competition you submitted this to must have been of extremely high standard for this not to win!

    Loving the choice of colours! Very nicely done.

  18. how can i customize these psd and integrate it in my skin? i use ps cs 5 and my html skills arent the bests. so give me please a short help!

  19. Sondra

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Very cool!

    Has anyone coded up an interactive version of this yet?

  21. Pretty good job! I like it! :)

  22. FFF

    That’s what I’ve been looking for!

    Can I use this design for my felt products e-commerce web-site?

    Frankly speaking, if I can’t, I will scan my felt as a texture and make almost the same design but all by myself. But if I can, I’d rather keep everything (except the contents) as is. :)

  23. Theme Cavern

    I like it. I will make it for my portfolio. Thank you for sharing

  24. Anewdaybeginsalways

    This is so awesome of you to share all of these…I can’t begin to thank you enough! What a gift. You are so talented! Endless thanks! I am in awe! You have no idea how much you are helping me…

  25. ezra

    this awesome stuff,, This stuff really helpful 4 my portfolio..

    Thank u very much~

  26. rydemods

    amazing thanks man!.. i started to get jQuery ready, but then i found this saved me all the hard work!.. wow prefect for my new theme!. cheers

  27. qw

    this awesome stuff,, This stuff really helpful 4 my portfolio..

    Thank u very much~

  28. creativeintent

    This is exactly what I was looking for, great work Orman.

  29. psdfreak

    Wowwww….this is really awesome!!!! NICE!!!!

  30. ainthatastitch

    I’m obsessed with this pattern. Would I be able to take some of these elements and make a banner for my Etsy Shop? I don’t know where to go for your limited restrictions. By the way, you are AMAZING. Thanks! :)

  31. Queen

    Hi, thank you for sharing this, this is really cute and beautiful,
    This is what i really need, I would use this for my felt product website…
    Thank you

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