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Social Media Sharing Buttons (PSD)


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Today’s quick freebie is a bunch of social media sharing buttons. If you want to create a more uniform look, rather than using any official buttons, here’s your starting point.

Implementation shouldn’t be too difficult either using Sharrre, a sweet little script for customising buttons.


  1. Great style Orman ;)

  2. Love it :D

  3. Any chance we can have this coded ?

    • Alan

      I’d be curious for the code on this also. LOVE the style…it gets frustrating when each site has their own height/style/etc. I’ve seen just a handful of websites do something custom like this. Would love to see if Orman would grace us with code too :) :)

  4. Jan

    @ Sebastien
    Almost the same ->

  5. Gorgeous! Just perfect…

  6. Yep, just perfect and very stylish.

  7. DanielPaul

    Amazing! Just what I needed! :D

  8. Excellent work as always Orman! I’ve long done similar and suggested this across many sites I’ve worked on for the sake of uniformity and a clean look across the brand.

    Do you plan to expand this with Pinterest etc or would that be left to our own devices? :)


  9. realph

    Threw together a CodePen for this one –>

  10. intros

    Thank you very much Orman Clark.

    You’re handsome. ^_^

  11. Plain and simple is always such a refreshing and awesome design. I just downloaded this social button thanks!

  12. Simply awesome! Thanks Orman Clark. I just stumbled here today, but now, I’m addicted to your website. Now I can’t stop browsing your posts for more creative resources. :)

    I wondered why the 30,000 RSS subscribers didn’t increase to 30,001 after I subscribed. Is it static?

  13. Grace, beauty and simplicity all at one place. Bravo!

  14. lovelifeme

    It’s very good! Thank you very much!

  15. This is exactly what I was looking for.

    Thank you.

  16. makimyers

    Thanks for this Orman, awesome stuff as usual. I’ve just turned this into a CSS version for a personal project, hope thats OK – will take down if its not cool with you, the download links here Thanks again!

  17. I like those Social Media Sharing Buttons. I’ll use them in my blog. Great job!!!

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