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Simple Tabbed Navigation (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a simple, yet useful, tabbed navigation menu. Granted, we’re not winning any awards for innovation here but you’ll be time-rich after downloading.

A core element in most web designs, this set of tabs should come in very handy. Included in the file are styles for dropdown menus, the tabs themselves and a nice little home icon. Let me know if you find the file useful and of course whether you use the file – Enjoy!


  1. perrycoke

    very nice as always orman

  2. Mmmmm. I am loving this.
    Great work.

  3. Love it! Simple and beautiful.

  4. Very nice, I love the way the drop down bleeds into the white

  5. Nice and clean, good work as always

  6. For any one who would like a CSS3 version of this, I’ve made one over here: (download link also there). Hope you don’t mind posting the url here Orman, but I wanted to share it :).

    • Croata

      returnWT, HTML & CSS Thank you for what you do with the PSDs, do more,
      they help a lot to understand! I particularly do not know a slice
      PSD to transform into HTML, you get some tutorial, I get the incredible
      Log what you did!

    • chas

      returnWT – thanks a lot for posting the css version. any ideas on how to get it to display/degrade gracefully on IE6?

    • BitterSweet

      @returnWT. You have saved my miserable life BIG time. Was about to give up last night when it came to learn how to code this thing on my own then found your link. I love you. :)

    • A update regarding the URL (posted as some people have asked me for the code): The version is still available via this url:

  7. Always surprising

  8. Orman you should write a little about techniques.

    • Orman

      You’re absolutely right, I really should. I have been waiting for the redesign to go live before writing tuts…. taking a while though ;)

  9. Croata

    Orman, its PSD is a perfectly amazing, I admire his design, he
    is great!

  10. This file saved me a TON of time! I am using it for my nav for my admin control panel, very cool… Thanks!

  11. I didn’t download the files, like most of the stuff. I’m a GIMP user so it doesn’t help me much, but this gave me an awesome idea and for that I thank you. Just a tip from me, although I’m noob compared to you, remove antialising or whatever it’s called, when using small texts. It just makes them more crisp and easier to read.

  12. Yasharah


  13. Pirun

    wonderful work!

  14. Here is another CSS3 implementation of this:

    • Kultamies

      Nice implementation, I must say. I tried to use it but got stuck in this problem: If you choose “Music, Games, Film & TV” and change to from “dropdown” to “active”, it shows all drop menu items. I would like it to only show which tab is active. How is this done?

    • ryan

      Great job. Thanks!

    • Supernova

      Thibaut may i ask u one question? How can i use snippet in the link that you shared? I am total novice in html and would ike to know how to impement it by importing css. Thanks in advance

  15. simple and clean …………………………great jobs thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Simien Antonis Parr

    I dig it. Very fresh.

  17. rabbit122

    looks awesome, thanks for sharing!

  18. siddhartha.a

    Love it.

  19. santhosh

    very nice….

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