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Simple Little Arrows (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is another great little addition to any graphic library, a set of simple little arrows. Trust me, you need to add these to your arsenal… immediately.

While they may not look like the most fantastical freebie you’ve ever seen, I find myself using these elements time and time again – extremely useful! As always, the download includes the fully editable PSD!


  1. first

    Thanks, really nice buttons also. (:

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for the arrow. Surely helpful ! :)

  3. Very cool buttons – thanks Orman.

  4. These buttons are ace! Nice and simple, btw just found your site and will be returning often, Bookmarked!

  5. Love these. Can see myself using these for sure

  6. Always a pleasure to visit you site… it’s like christmas eve every time!

  7. AJ

    These are perfect. I will actually use these on my next theme for the slider – they are beautiful!

  8. Orman, your website is always an opened tab in my browser. Every time it crashes or I restart and load my previous tabs, there’s always something new from you. Fantastic stuff

    • Orman

      Haha cheers Andrew!

  9. MssBee

    Thanks for the buttons.

  10. iwao

    very nice arrow thx!

  11. rashid

    man those are cute!!!!!!!!!!!

    awesome buttons, the preview image makes me smile, awesome work!

  12. K

    Thanks! Love your work!

  13. Vinay Bhat

    Awesome Mate! , how about some inset layer styles? ;)

  14. These are so simple and clean, I love them! I agree some downloadable layer styles could be useful too.

  15. Jason Matatiaho

    This is amazing! I will be using this for a website I am in the midst of publishing and/or producing, To specify; it will be part of my “Free Resources” section, I will use my own, original images/codes or others that are amazing and post them up. Giving the author’s name and link, and NOT giving these resources as my own. Will you please agree?

  16. Very nice, thank you ;)

  17. Fabio

    Thanks for the arrows! :-)

  18. Very nice buttons, just what i was looking for :)

  19. nice arrow


  20. Luke S

    Coded these lovely little things :-)

  21. pubudu

    Thanks mate awesome work..Keep it up Dude


  22. very nice design of arrows. love them

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