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Simple Image Preview Tooltip (PSD)

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Today‚Äôs freebie is a nice and simple addition to any site, an image preview tooltip. There’s no reason why tooltips need to be limited to text, chuck an image in there.

Complexity isn’t a requirement to be considered beautiful or functional and so in complete comparison to yesterday’s freebie, today’s is a simple as can be. As always the download includes the fully editable PSD :)


  1. Karl

    Lovely stuff!!

    Do you have any good resources that teach you some of the Photoshop effects you have used in your work?

    • Linda

      Everything you design is a work of ART. I love your friendly site, and I want to say “Thank You” for being so generous with all the goodies you offer here. I’m a web designer and my son is a Junior Art Director at Ogilvy International in New York. He shared your site with me. He’s a Photoshop “guru” and LOVES your work as well (You are on the top of our “Resources” list!)
      Thanks again for all your hard work and generosity. You are an inspiration!

  2. BlackThunder83

    I agree. Lovely stuff! And more awesome tutorials like the one you have on

    • Orman

      Funny you should say that, might be something brewing in the background :)

  3. Cesar

    I absolutely love your site! Thanks for all these freebies!!!

    • BlackThunder83

      Well I promise that I’m on the edge of my seat waiting. (I’m sure everyone else is too!) Hopefully it’ll be something you’ll continue to do because I really enjoy your quality work and the way you present your tutorials

  4. tzGuy

    Ok I don’t get this one, have not downloaded it yet.
    Are there instructions for coding this, if it’s just a .Psd file?
    Confused… do you get the zoomed up image tooltip on hover, I’m guessing is the idea.
    Maybe just needs a jQuery plugin?

    • Orman

      This is just a PSD file as the name suggests. You are free to do anything with it however the intention was to show a larger image preview on hover over the thumbnail. jQuery would be a nice solution.

  5. What is that design inside the tool tip preview? OMG it’s f’n amazing!!!

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