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Shopping Cart “Quick View” (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is shopping cart “quick view” design, perhaps something you would show to customers before clicking through for more detail. It’s in pretty colours too.


  1. Heh heh … looks like someone has been playing with Magento :)

    As always, nice job Orman.

    • Ryan

      Perhaps it would be a WordPress Theme with WooCommerce :D. Pretty nice Orman as always :)

  2. This is QUALITY…

  3. duckroll


  4. This is too pretty… :D

  5. nice design. looks cool.

  6. That’s very nice !!!!!

  7. Love it. Defiantly makes me want to create a WP theme with it.

  8. Awesome Orman! Somewhat took your concept for a freebie on my site :)

  9. Cezar

    Thanks for the freebie. Looks great! :)

  10. Marcial

    I <3 dude :D

  11. Anthony

    Orman, could I use this for my template that I plan to sell on

    • Orman

      Sure. Would be cool if you could modify/improve on it though.

  12. Anthony

    Thanks, Orman, I’ll give you a link, when I finish.

  13. Hello guys,
    I’ll try to css it. Check this out

    • Anthony

      Nizamilputra, not bad but there are some inconsistencies in background.

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for comment. Can you specify what background which inconsistencies?

  14. Anthony

    Orman, I have released this such as ecommerce theme. Here it is –
    Could you please leave a comment there about it? Thank you lots & lots! :)

    • katey

      i love it!!

  15. Anthony

    Thanks for the comment, Orman!

  16. akhoond

    very nice i like it and very use full thanx sweet dear

  17. AaronChallice

    So useful your whole site is, well just SPOT ON.

    Thank you.

  18. annetes

    I’m so glad I found your website. Thanks a lot! =)

  19. Amazing one, I will try to add one that looks almost like it to my website, thanks

  20. I like it… Thank You So Much


    LDII Surabaya

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