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Review & Rating Stars… (PSD)


Downloaded 39,163 times

Today’s freebie is something that comes in handy again and again; a set of review or rating stars. We’re not breaking new ground here, but we are making things easier for ourselves!

The download includes the stars in a number of styles, both in large and small sizes — the preview image pretty much does all the talking. Enjoy the download!


  1. Cool, but 5 stars for you! :D

  2. abhijeet

    Love it

  3. Mark Neale

    Nice work Orman, definitely another 5 Star design.
    Like you said not game changing, but definitely useful on a frequent basis, thanks man!

  4. Really Nice! Thanks Orman,

    Quick Question slightly related:
    What Javascript plugin are using for the “Love it” button on this website?

  5. ozzieuk

    You’re the man , these will look awesome in my next eCommerce project !

  6. Keilor

    I love your designs. Awesome and beautiful. :)

  7. Teemu Paananen

    This is pure awesomeness! This is exactly what I needed, you sir, are an life saver.

  8. Looking sweat. I would have softened the yellow slightly – seems quite bright.

  9. Claire

    Beautiful! :)

  10. Now that’s pretty thanks Orman

  11. Orman – these are sooo sweet! Really super work :)

  12. Amazing!

    Just what i need.


  13. Emiel

    Really well done! Wouldn’t it be great if we could use these stars in a rating/voting system combined with your gridlocked or garnish theme … ;-)

  14. Steem

    Beautiful! :)

  15. kevin powers

    Love this Orman! Any chance of getting your two cents on how one might implement this in a WordPress site. Off the bat, I’m thinking I could use a custom key (e.g., 3.5) that would then correspond to the right image. But I’m _totally_ not sure how to programmatically call the image. (hoping to use it on my new site

    • Actually, no worries. I kinda figured an approach out…custom field in the admin and then specifying a particular PNG.

  16. Cassie

    THX! Orman, i love You! ;)

  17. lightao

    cool! love it very much!

  18. karpati

    Thank you! :)

  19. marganda


  20. SofyaDri

    Thank you!

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