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Pretty Little Sticker (PSD)


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Everyone loves a sticker or two, don’t they? Today’s freebie is, you guessed it, an awesome little sticker! Download it and stick it to your next design project.

What can’t you do with a decent sticker? I can’t begin to recall the number of times I have used a sticker to highlight a particular feature over the years and here’s another to add to the library. The download, as always, includes the editable PSD. Enjoy!


  1. Love the detail put into the underside of these stickers too. Great.

  2. Beautiful as always Orman

  3. Very nice, thanks :)

  4. Awesome Waffles!

  5. Bryan Abad

    A stacker! Thats great, looks very professional.
    Really well made and will be really useful to highlight important stuff.
    Thanks and keep it up!

  6. Love this one! Will be using it soon:)

  7. Thanks guys, I’m just waiting for an excuse to use this one myself!

  8. Beautiflui. Thank you so much for share :)

  9. Killer sticker. The under-side feels so sticky and rubber-y. I want to animate it.
    Wonderful as usual.

  10. w1sh

    Where do you get your textures from? That translucent fabric one is awesome.

  11. Romain

    What’s the background please ?
    Thanks ! ;)

  12. Very nice and clean asset as usual. Thanks!

  13. Lots of nice stuff here.

    I’ll echo the questions above. Where did the linen background texture come from? Is that one of the textures you are offering?

  14. Adam

    Hey man – excellent sticker thanks!

    What is the font you have used for the “Premium” text?

  15. these resources are amazing i just wanted to say thanks they really helped in the past keep up the great work!
    and a quick question iv been looking for a fabric like texture for ages kinda like the on in this snapshot used for the background & had no luck what so ever any tips?

  16. Its Amazing the detail you put into your work , keep up the great work and thank you so much

  17. nice job…

  18. picker

    i really really really LOVE it!!! thanx

  19. sam

    realy nice, whats the font “premium” is in ?

  20. Good one sticker PSD, I like it style and color as well.

  21. mars135805

    Awesome! I really love the details you did~!

  22. SofyaDri

    Thank you!

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