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Pretty Little Red Ribbon (PSD)


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Today‚Äôs freebie is sweet and simple, a pretty little red ribbon. Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, ribbons have their place in modern web design. Use it wisely.

I created this recently for a web project and thought it was worthy of a share, maybe you will find a use for it within your designs – they certainly come in handy! The download includes the editable PSD. Enjoy!

Side note: The background was created with yesterday’s freebie Go check it out!


  1. Requesting permission to download :D

    • Orman

      Permission granted :)

  2. Mateo

    requesting permission to praise and honor your work

  3. Thanks! :P

  4. Waw,Great!!! Thank You Very Much :)

  5. Just a high standard of work. I wish you were around at the time when I was just getting in to design!

    • Oops, I meant I wish this site was around*

    • Orman

      Course you do Liam…. course you do ;)

  6. Why is it that all of you work with Photoshop?
    I’m a freelance Illustrator and can *only* work with Illustrator.. I tried Photoshop, but – ui! It hurts like hell..

    • Orman

      I use PS most of the time because that is what I have been using for the last 6 years or so, just what I find the most comfortable :)

  7. wow…thanks so much for great resources here….

  8. Guppiz

    thanks, it looks so nice :D

  9. Zlatan Halilovic

    Now this is what I call high quality material!

  10. Wow! i just discovered your website and i thinks it’s incredible. Really nice tuts.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the rest

  11. Very nice! Keep up the great freebie work!

  12. hah… just WOW…

    i downloaded :D

  13. jay

    Hi is it ok to use this with my website?
    and fantastic work btw!
    how about some tuts for this,would be amazing!

    • Orman

      Feel free to use it within your site. I would love to get around to providing some tutorials but it’s just finding the time.

  14. this is great . you rock brother!! thanks

  15. Wow, this is beautiful!

  16. rashid

    Thanks for sharing so many lovely resources, absolutely fantastic industrial strength work!
    Just a quick question, which version of Photoshop are the files created in?


    • Orman

      Thanks :) I’m currently using CS4

  17. Kai

    Nice work. Simple overall look but nice details.
    Thanks for sharing.

  18. zip

    You are just the most awesome guy I have ever seen on this planet. Keep up the good work.

  19. Hey Orman,
    Nice work!!! I want to use this ribbon as a wide horizontal navigation. Is there a way to re-size it easily in Photoshop? Any help would be highly appreciated. Keep up the good work!!

  20. You are awesome and this is awesome – loving the site

  21. You should have a donate button

  22. Thanks for the design, now sitting cozy there on my homepage.

    • Orman

      Looking good :)

  23. w3bdesign

    Perfect! I love it! :) Thank You!

  24. Emerson Matson

    Thank you so much! You are not just a great designer, but a great person for doing this! I would bake you a cake, but… ): It’d probably spoil in the mail.

  25. EJ

    This freebie inspired this :

    Thanks for your great website :)

  26. bienana

    thank you for your work. Great stuff here :D

  27. This looks so damn good, please make a tutorial on how to create it from scratch.

  28. moe

    Thanks! XD

  29. James

    nice i wonder how do you create layer 1 in bg ground and highlight in stitch group

  30. Raul

    Thank you for your work. I have used it in my website.

  31. Many thanks, not looking to use this as it is, but just really interested in how you created something so cool. I need to learn these techniques for my own designs, so many thanks for the PSD.

  32. Bruno Polidoro

    I need to learn these techniques for my own designs, so many thanks for the PSD.

  33. YURI

    Requesting permission to download!!

  34. ICE-T

    Your riboon so cute XD

  35. Jyot

    Thank you Orman! Very neat!

  36. Pete

    Super work! Thanks for sharing!

  37. krrishnan

    great work and thanks for sharing

  38. ameesdotme

    After a long time of comment-silence, may I use the Ribbon as addition to our band logo, please?

  39. kim


  40. quieromaspizza


  41. Hova

    Awesome! Thanks

  42. untitled102

    Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  43. So pretty! Requesting permission to download, and blog about this. :D

  44. jo5025

    Thank you Orman! you best!! ^ ^
    Requesting permission to download all files.

  45. Thanks this is nice share

  46. Yumenthic

    wow I love this one
    Thank you, sir Orman :D

  47. jkaris

    Oh man, one hell of a site. THANK YOU!

  48. Defi

    Waw, what a wonderful design!
    i really love your art work :D
    keep design :D

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