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Pretty Little Postage Stamp (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is something a little different, a pretty little postage stamp. Working on a contact form? This could be that nice little ‘something’ we all like to add to our designs.

The design itself is pretty simple, an aged British postage stamp. I’ve opted for Ice Cube’s mug but you could replace it with your own, someone else’s or perhaps even your logo. Have a play, see what you come up with.

Ice Cube’s face via Celeb Faces Font


  1. This is crazy!!! just awesome…. love specially the use those celeb fonts…

    I am planning to make a similar picture of mine and then give it those effects and finally stick it inside the stamp and use it on my contact page…. will get working soon… :)

    Thanks man for this :)

  2. 50 Cent would be a more appropriate celeb for a stamp vs. Ice Cube. Still a great design none the less.

  3. So NICE ! Love it! Think of so many nice ways I could use it!

    Thanks a lot,


    • Orman

      Great, let me know if you do!

  4. Very cool as always Orman.
    BTW – your new theme in the works looks awesome!

    • Orman

      Thanks Graham, should be out very soon :)

  5. Very nice Orman, will use this definitely

  6. Imperfect is perfect :P
    Little circles then big :P

    Love it again Orman!

  7. @rensa
    It is interesting that you say ‘imperfect is perfect’. In the Uk the large circles are standard.

    • Rensa

      Sry :P I’m from Estonia not UK :P

  8. Where

    What is this? Where is a bundle on a 1 000 000 downloads holiday? Where are our presents? We work for you, download all these freebies. but you pay us with this “postage stamp”, lol. Damn, feel like I’m owned.

  9. Osric Caton

    Thanks for this free gift. Looks great! Hope to use it soon.

  10. gbaniya

    pretty cool.. :P

  11. Ice Cube on a stamp would be awesome. Every time you get to mail something you could say to yourself “today was a good day” Great work!

  12. Ben

    “Today was a good day” when I saw this awesome freebie up :D

  13. John

    Like this

  14. h2oxygen79

    So glad I found your site! Thank you!

  15. giantwetfart

    5 wet stars from me!

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