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Pretty Little Pie Chart (PSD)


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Unusually, *yeah right* I found myself procrastinating a little yesterday, and today’s freebie is the result – a pretty little pie chart breaking down my activity.

As always the download includes the editable PSD. Let me know if you use it and feel free to spread the word! Click the image below for the full preview.


  1. Great quality as always Orman. Graph seems to be deadly accurate!

  2. Nice color set! Would be nice to have a color scheme with 10 colors or so. Could you add an extra layer with it, please? :)

    • Orman

      Haha, that’s what the PSD is for. I’m sure if you have a play around you can create your own colour schemes – just follow the lead from the others.

  3. Reminds me of the old game I used to play as a kid ‘Simon’ Thanks Orman!

  4. Very nice. Great website design as well. Keep up the great work.

  5. Really nice, as all you make orman! Love it

  6. This is stunning! Thank you for the download!

  7. meigestu

    This website is super greeeat! thank’s :)

  8. As usual, perfecto! I just bought a book call “Information is beautiful”, reminds me a lot that. Legend!

  9. ram

    Looks cool dude..

    • Luckie

      That kind of thnnikig shows you’re an expert

  10. chiefgui

    I’m using. Thanks, bro.

  11. berry9527

    Simple and easy

  12. robargek

    how do you edit the percentages?

  13. Good Share. Thanks.

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