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Premium Pixels Icon Set (PNG/CSH/PSD)


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Today’s fantastic freebie is a contribution from New York based designer Matt Gentile. Matt has cooked up an exclusive icon set just for Premium Pixels readers – what a gent!

The icon set contains 58 pixel-perfect icons which you are free to use in personal and commercial projects. The download includes the PSD, the CSH file for the shapes, and PNGs.

You can find out more about Matt and his work over at Dribbble and his website Icon Deposit, and can tweet him a thank you over on Twitter (@Icondeposit)


  1. Thanks for the shout out Orman!

  2. Khalid

    The envelopes and the chat bubbles are awesome. Can’t wait to use this set.

  3. Cean

    Wow, this is pretty :D Thank you for sharing this freebie!

  4. Jacob Marshall

    Wow, such an amazing set of icons. Defiantly going to using these in my latest project! Thanks Matt and Orman!

  5. waris

    i received your freebies regularly, it is thanks to you to server useful and creative
    design element.
    thanx brother.
    keep sending i m waiting for your post.

    waris qureshi
    creative media designer.

  6. Kiran

    Thanks …

  7. How do I make this look good on a white background?

    Another version would be great!

    I dare you ;)

    • matt

      well, he (very gratefully) included the PSD, so that should solve your problem right there…

    • I don’t know how.

      Can someone help?


  8. Thanks for awesome freebie. :) everything is perfect.

  9. Digging the presentation of these icons

  10. matt

    Nice icon set which should come in nice and handy. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Really nice set, thank you for sharing!

  12. Loving the set!

  13. Great collection, thanks a lot

  14. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work and I hope everyone else is eager too. Cheers!

  15. Robertino

    These look fantastic. Thanks to you both.

  16. nerdcorner69

    How can I use it???

  17. tks,so good…

  18. tigreblanc

    thank u for sharing this freebie, Can’t wait to use it

  19. asad

    Really Thanks Great Work Woow

  20. joseluis

    Thx man for the effort

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