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Popup Modal Window (PSD)


Downloaded 36,365 times

Today’s freebie is a simple little modal window, perfect perhaps for small confirmation messages as seen in the preview. And no, there is no excuse for ever using Comic Sans.


  1. Jeroen Visser

    Never! You’re totally right about that! Nice freebie again!

  2. Brian

    Too funny, looks great too Orman

  3. Your not already using Comic Sans as your default system font? Great freebie and humor Orman!

  4. Khalid

    I click on the green button, but nothing happens? Please, help me.

    • rtabor7

      ^Is this guy for real?

      It’s a PSD my friend, not a web working version.

    • Sam

      ^^Thats hilarious!^^

    • Khalid

      Haha, I was just kidding.

  5. Another great resource. Thanks Orman!

  6. Abby

    LOL :)

    Love your work!

  7. Anghel Gabriel

    Nice …. I realy like this.

  8. Hans

    A modal dialog window is the Comic Sans of interaction design. Are you insane?

  9. Reinier

    Verry funny Orman :P

    • Reinier

      Nice freebie trough!

  10. Chad

    This is gorgeous

  11. Jon Vooys

    Just had to follow this one and read the comments. Laughed out loud with Comic Sans! Still laughing

  12. Papyrus is a valid alternative? =P I hope not…it’s about on par with Comic Sans =)

  13. Alan Aragon

    Perhaps the Green button should be the one saying “Yes- I’m Insane”

  14. Devon Gilchrist

    Just yesterday I had a client ask me to redo their logo using Comic Sans. No joke.

    • Alexander

      Please tell me it was a lemonade stand.

  15. Bob

    I’m new to design but I was hoping someone could share a tutorial, or something, on how I can take this PSD and use that to create HTML (DIV, etc.) and CSS code that I can use in my web application.

    Is that possible?


  16. TeelaC

    eek! great work!

  17. SteveEdson

    Nice, thanks. I hate Comic Sans, but some people with dyslexia find it easier to read on screen text when it is formatted with Comic Sans :p

  18. Jake Miller

    You can download this dialog box in HTML/CSS/JS here:

  19. Xaine

    Your work is amazing and provides some excellent inspiration! I’ll follow you on twitter and also tell everyone about you.

  20. Ben

    Nice and thanks

  21. Alex Gompper

    I gave this a shot too. Practicing my CSS3 buttons and things.

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