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Notepaper & Sticky Tape (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is section of notepaper with a good old piece of sticky tape. I knocked this up for a “quick tips” section of a site, thought you might find it useful.

If you’re looking for something like I was, a design element that would emphasise a particular piece of content, then this may be something for you – perfect for notes, instructions, quick tips. Enjoy!


  1. Great share, Orman! I love this one – very cute!

  2. Great job! How about some paper-stacks? Always love seeing people’s different spins on that.

    • Orman

      Sounds interesting, how do you mean, have an example?

    • Zach

      I always thought was a pretty nice implementation (content area) – always cool to see how people bring this to life. Thanks!

  3. That’s another asset for my toolbox, thanks a lot Orman, you rock!

  4. Good design. Thanks Orman.

  5. kiwipixel

    Really love this one!

  6. Very nice; your last “sticky” freebie was great, but I like the cleaner feel of this one. Thanks for the steady stream of inspiration!

  7. The sellotape is genius :)

  8. Crazyhunk

    wow… 100th post here… COngrats on that Orman…
    ‘Hope’ you spoil us with many more 100′s to come … :D

    • Orman

      Let’s hope so!

  9. Cool design (:

  10. So Beautifull.. :D

  11. photocrawf

    Orman, you are most kind and generous…and talented! Thank you!

  12. Niklas Wistrand

    *slow clap*

    You continue to amaze, inspire and motivate me with great little tid-bits such as this! I, and most certainly a whole bunch of other people, appreciate this A LOT!

    Keep up the awesomeness!!

  13. Oh


  14. Thanks a lot for the great sources of inspiration :D

  15. Yo Orman haven’t been on site for long time, summer break :P
    How ya doing?

    Anyways, how do you keep your strokes so detailed?
    With the convert point tool? Or is it automaticly like that?

  16. Vinay Bhat

    To be completely honest with you, if anyone asks me for example of the best use of simplicity-yet-sexy looking designs, I just link them to your site.

    Amazing work Orman, keep up the lovely designs!

  17. vhlamburger

    Hey, have anyone coded this?

  18. Really cool! Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. markdh1

    Wow! Thanks a million Orman. This psd saved me hours tonight on a project I was working on. Good stuff.

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