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Notepaper Blog Comments (PSD)


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Blog comments can be a little boring. Today’s freebie should help spice them up a bit and what better way to depict an commenter’s note than with some notepaper.

I’ve used the ever popular notepaper and sticky tape combo to house a single comment. The comment includes the authors thumbnail, the time stamp and a pretty little reply button. It would be great to see this come to life, show me what you do with it!


  1. Very sweet man! Nice solution to spice up blog comments ;)

  2. This is beautifull, thank’s Orman ;) Your themes are great, cant wait to have money in paypal so i can buy one or two ;)

    • Orman

      Thanks, I appreciate that!

  3. Another instant favorite! :)

  4. It overall looks great.
    I just wish the button was a kind of sketchy thing and the photo frame a bit imperfect. Plus hand-written kind of font could have changed the vibe. [just my two penny worth. i may or may not be right]

    BTW, thanks for sharing. :)

    • Orman

      You don’t have to wish, you have the PSD ;)

  5. Very nice Orman! I think this would work better as the author information section, but still, great job!

    • spiders-design

      Nice thought – I agree

  6. I really love this…now I must make a notepad-style WP theme. :)

  7. Great work Orman.
    I love the colours and the ‘crispness’ of the design :)

  8. Thanks! This is so simple & clean.

  9. Ali Abdel

    Awesome work man, thank for this ;)
    Gonna use it for my forum/blog :)

  10. leppam


  11. Pleasant idea. I will definitely use it!

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