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Newsletter Sign-up Form (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet and simple newsletter sign-up form Рperfect for the darker websites out there. Get this badger hooked up and get them signing up.

Although simple, the sign-up form is everything you ever really need with this kind of form; a field, a button and some responses. As always the download includes the editable PSD. Enjoy the download, your weekend, and don’t forget to share ;)


  1. Codevine

    It’s simple and just awesome.
    Love your work, keep up the good work.

  2. iwao

    very good work :]

  3. Jimmy

    Great! Thanks for the file, and have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. nwen

    Love your style!

  5. Keep ‘em coming!! I absolutely love your style :) Thanks!

  6. Thanks very much Orman, this will give me a good starting point and save me some time. :)

  7. i want your newsletter

  8. Victor Santana

    This is BEAUTIFUL ! How can i learn to code this ??????? :(

    • Carlos

      Hey Victor, Did you ever figure out how to code this?

    • Luke S

      I will have this coded by the end of tomorrow, stay tuned :-)

  9. Luke S

    Here is the coded thing, if you check the rest of my page I have coded other elements, some by Orman and others :-)

    • Tom W

      Hi Luke,

      Could you send me the coded files and a how you did it please?

      Looks great!

  10. wendy526

    Thanks very much

  11. moneeroo

    excuse me i have a question that may seem quite silly .. how can i add this PSD file to my website in forms of HTML code? and I want to see demo for this file at a website .. thanks in advanse

  12. smile

    looks great thanks

  13. yorubawoman

    Good work Orman. Thank you for sharing. I do have the same questions as moneeroo, how can i integrate this image file to my website?

    Thanks in advance

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