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Music Player Skin (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a beautiful music player skin created by an uber talented young designer by the name of Haziq. At just 16 years old, he’s certainly one to watch – wow!

The pixel perfect design is, well, pixel perfect. If a music player widget is what you need then you could do a lot worse than picking up this design. You can learn more about Haziq and his work on Twitter, Dribbble and Graphic River.


  1. you never cease to amazing me!!

  2. Very nice. I swear you’re a god damn Photoshop machine some weeks!

  3. Stunning Orman! Love the subtle details in your work! Simple but alot of design went into it.

  4. This skin perfection…

  5. Haziq

    Thanks for this opportunity, Orman! :)

    If people like it, will probably upload more freebies :)

  6. Paul Victor

    Guys, read the description. It’s not made by Orman, it’s a guest post.

  7. Pedro

    Dude this is awesome!

  8. G369

    When I was sixteen I used to play cod and not design UI. lol
    Btw thanks guys, could be useful.

  9. I love it so much that i want to push the love button twice !

  10. Anewdaybeginsalways

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! This is so wonderful, creative…Do you know how talented you are? I’m still in AWE! :-)

  11. Kiran

    Awesome design by haziq. i think people who comment here don’t read the post. Orman clearly mentioned it was done by another designer but people just blindly comment. I am not jealous but i hate when people not care to read post. :)

  12. This one certainly looks great. Thanks to both of you.
    And djeez, 15 years. When did he start with PS? Right after learning to walk?

  13. Rich

    It’s not by Orman, it’s by Haziq.
    Nice job H! Looking forward to seeing what else you can come up with…

  14. Rich: “It’s not by Orman, it’s by Haziq.”
    We all knew that. :D :p

    • Rich

      My post was delayed for approval by the hobnob munching admin. When I wrote it, it only the first 5 people had posted. ;o)

    • Orman

      Hobnobs keep me extremely busy!

  15. love it, nice

  16. Adam K

    Nice PSD but even better the song you choose for it :)

  17. matthew.wheeler

    Hey thats great,

    out of interest, how many hours did you spend on that?

    • Haziq

      Approximately, 8-12 :)

  18. Rich

    Dare you to name your next theme “Hobnob”!


  19. Nick

    Nice designs dude.

  20. Girish

    I like what’s playing.

  21. Akshay

    Best part of this is Sun & moon by Above & Beyond. Great work!

  22. Greg

    Haziq, Awesome skin… and amazing work! Do you have a portfolio site up? I’d love to keep an eye on what you are working on :)

    Also, I’m wondering if this skin is for a particular music widget? I’m looking for a nice solid music player widget for a wordpress site I’m building…. Any suggestions?

  23. Ömer

    amazing wow!

  24. Michael

    What about playlist? Huh?

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