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Mini Drop-Down Menu (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is simple and stylish, a miniature drop-down menu. If you’re looking to tuck away a small menu on your site, this could be of some use to you.

I’ve styled the demo as a setting menu, however it could be used for 101 different things. The design includes the menu in its normal state and when clicked (or hover depending on how you implement). Enjoy the download and let me know if you find it useful!


  1. Awesome work bud :)

  2. clean Down Menu clean. thanks Orman

  3. john

    Best of.

  4. Absolutely lovely!

  5. I like it. Very “apple-ish” :)

  6. So clean, so perfect!

    By the way, do you make the icons yourself? Like the one before settings?
    This looks epic!!!!

  7. Adrian

    How would you suggest building this (from the developer’s point of view)? Most of all using what? jQuery UI? Or…?

    • Orman

      Personally I would make it a list that appears on click, not a select box. There may be better ways.

    • Nick Toye

      Dilemma I am having is what to do with the arrows section of the bar.

      Sure I can add spans and hide text etc…but I try and be as simplistic as I can without cluttering my html with code that doesn’t make sense.

      Only thing I can think of is to give the LI the cog and the A gets the arrows and dividers.

  8. gbaniya


    • Looks great. I will share this to my friend who is working as a freelancer web designer.

  9. As always, awesome work, this could work really well in an admin side of a site.

  10. Perfect perfect perfect, you are the best sir.

  11. All we need now is this in a form a developer and totally non-designer like me can use. =P

  12. Looks effing great as always. You inspired me to make my own version: I would be interested in hearing your thoughts!

    • Orman

      Yeah man that’s looks cool. You should expand it to include the entire UI kit.

    • Colby

      Heh, was jus working on that actually:

    • Luke S

      Will you be able to release this? Form drop down menus are so hard to theme :(

  13. aa

    Stunning! Btw, waiting for your new WP theme!

  14. Malaika

    Love your work! You are truly an inspiration!

  15. Nice work!
    I must admit that your work is setting up the web design trends nowadays! You`re one of the top designers…or should I say Elite? ;)

  16. w1sh

    Wow. These are beautiful. Good work Orman!

  17. Hi, Very neat work. Keep it up. Even I have been distributing free stuff on my blog. Cheers

  18. Dave

    Really like this dude. Good job.

  19. Gary Hicks

    Thanks for sharing, just what I was looking for! +Love!

  20. Yeah seriously these are amazing. can’t wait to build my next mockup with these

  21. Petter Stensig

    Awesome work! I tried adding som HTML/CSS to it, and it looks really good. Check it out:

    • The link doesn’t work. It says “404 Page Not Found”.

  22. Israel

    Great Job, Awesome, thanks for sharing your talent!!!

  23. Nice collections of PSD’s. It is really useful for every one. Thanks for sharing.

  24. awesome work ! thanx for sharing

  25. great work, awesome. enough for me to develope a theme based on this psd.


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