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Mini Cards: 15 Credit/Debit Card Icons


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We ended last year with a contribution from Fabio Basile so why not start the new year with one? 15 super-awesome credit/debit card icons just for little old you.

As we already know, Fabio is a pixel-perfectionist and software engineer based in the UK and Italy. Since he’s been so kind to donate two contributions now, you should most definitely thank him on Twitter (@fffabs) Do it!


  1. Gregg

    Working on a E-Commerce site! These will have to be used!!

    Thanks Orman!

  2. Love the icons, been looking for a decent set for a while. Switch is non existant in the UK now though, been replaced with Maestro; any chance of getting the two swopped out by @fffabs?

  3. Super helpful, thank you.

  4. Suge White

    These are amazing. Well done Fabio, and thanks Orman!

  5. Great freebie, useful! :) Thanks!

  6. Simon


  7. Matt

    Awesome! Bought time I saw some decent icons like this. Will definitely ne using.

  8. Gorgeous!!

  9. Rishabh

    Awesome Design Orman, Once again premium pixels rocks..

  10. Would be cool to see Square or Dwolla.

  11. Jason Lombard

    Well done Fabio, thank you!

  12. awesome freebie as always, thanks :)

  13. Nice icons. Great to see more quality and inspiring work coming out. Happy New Year!

    • Matt

      Aaaaand there’s my elusive avatar. Sneaky bugger…. :)

  14. Nice, very useful for one of my new WP projects! Thanks!

  15. jim

    Is this wood texture freely available anywhere? I really like it.

    • BryanGrezeszak

      It is in the download itself as a layer in the photoshop file. It even tiles well :)

  16. David

    Cute set! Maestro would be amazing for uk too. Thank you!

  17. ceah

    Thanks so much!

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