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Metal Text Effect (Photoshop Layer Style)


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Today‚Äôs freebie is a awesome metal text effect layer style for Photoshop. Type your text, apply the style, Bob’s your uncle. It probably couldn’t be any easier.

The effect works with a single layer of text, so no creating multiple layers with bucket-loads of blending options – something I was keen to avoid. The effect plays nicely with larger copy (I used 200pt for the preview) and while it still works with thinner typefaces, big and chunky is a winner. Click the image above for the full-size preview. Font used in the preview is Neo Sans


  1. Antonio Capuozzo

    Unique as always :) Excellent work Orman :) Thanks!

  2. Super-high quality again. Loving your work!

  3. Very sharp Orman. Your work is inspiration! Keep it up. Cheers

  4. This is awesome stuff, Orman. Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more fantastic resources.

  5. rene

    Love your quality over quantity approach, this is pure gold, as other of your stuff:)

  6. Thanks! I love reading the comments from you guys :)

  7. Just downloaded and tested, very nice indeed mate :)

  8. Orman, Fantastic as usual. This site is rapidly becoming my favourite. Thanks, Simon

  9. Really awesome! How do you keep this up?

    • Orman

      I’m not quite sure, ask me another ;)

  10. snovice

    This is incredible, you made my day, cheers!

  11. Martin Zahuta

    As always, excelent work!

  12. dpi

    Its really awesome. thanks.

  13. Thank you Orman for your work!

  14. Congrats. Impressive effects, thanks for share!

  15. sionead

    How do I use the file once I’ve downloaded it? Do I drop it on the txt layer?

  16. caspiette

    like having Christmas in July these are awesome thankyou

  17. Woooow, loved it! Just the layer I needed for my logo;). Thnx for sharing

  18. sheetal

    Good One

  19. zurdobal


  20. TommyNator

    Sweet – Bob’s definitely my uncle!

  21. mars135805

    Cool! Nice effects~!

  22. CraigsBella

    OH my word, that is SO cool. Thanks a million! I’ll let you know if it’s used on a project!

  23. ivantiscornia

    Thank you Orman! Excelent work

  24. ottosuke

    Nice!!! Thank you

  25. premseven

    This is a really really sweet effect! Thanks a lot.

  26. paceebere

    great effect, thanks

  27. SofyaDri

    Great Style! thank you!

  28. jose


  29. wisedale

    Thanks Orman. This is my first visit to your site, it most certainly won’t be the last!!! :o)

  30. susieq77

    Thank You!

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