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Menu Notification Badges (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a set of menu notification badges, great for shepherding users into performing a particular action such as checking their inbox/messages.

Included in the download (layered PSD) is a navigation menu which is a nice little bonus. The main freebie, the badges, come in 3 colours giving you some options to play with.


  1. George Baker

    So cute… so awesome… so simple =)

  2. I love seeing these things on Dribbble before you put them on here. Makes me feel like I get a sneak peak :)

    Awesome job, again, Orman.

  3. Great stuff as always Orman :)
    I’m with Josh on this one – the preview on dribbble is a bonus.

  4. Another quick CSSifying:

    I should find something better to do with my time, though, it’s good practice I guess.

    And of course, well done Orman. :)

  5. Beautiful

  6. Exactly what I was looking for, lovely and simple!


    Love the new site design mate.

  7. These look really nice. Clean, simple and obvious.

  8. wassim

    hi Orman, i have a question how can you make Photoshop vector shapes has very sharp edges, like exactly 1 pix the stroke line. shapes appear to be fuzzy or somehow blurred. not so sharp. any advice?

  9. Dennis

    MORE YUMMY STUFF!!! =)))
    Thanks again, simply brilliant)

  10. I fiddled this awesomeness out:

    Thanks Orman

  11. Marina

    Thanks Orman!

  12. I coded this with nice “hover” and “active” effects:

  13. Nate

    Hi Orman,

    Found you through SM & here.. and,
    I think I will learn a lot from your freebies! Thanks for sharing!
    Wish me luck, though.. ;-)

  14. Coded by my also :-)

    No images, pure CSS3 (including animations!)

    • Sudip

      Hi Luke,

      Nice work, thanks for sharing! Any source code.

      Thanks and regards,


  15. baobaoyang1987

    Thanks for sharing them :)


    I cant find the download button or link

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