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Map Location Pins (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a lovely little set of map location markers or pins. Download them, tailor them to your needs and put them in your next design. Do it, do it now.

The markers can add a nice little touch to perhaps a “contact us” page where identifying your location on a map would be useful to your users. Each marker also has an icon, great if you need to mark multiple services for example (I had originally designed this for pet location service hence the paws), and changing colours is as simple as simple can be. Let me know what you think in the comments and be sure to spread the word!


  1. Great Work Orman, Thanks Again

  2. These will go very well with the gMap jQuery plugin ( ) I use a lot – I’m forever designing custom pointers for every site…

    • Orman

      Nice! Nice plugin too, hadn’t seen that before, cheers!

    • Nice jQ plugin. I think I’ll be making use of it soon.

    • That’s a really nice plugin! And great job Orman!

  3. perrycoke

    Wow you must have read my mind as I was just working on something similar & up popped a tweet with this beauty. Thanks Orman :)

    • Orman

      I can indeed read minds! Glad it helped…

  4. Awesome thanks Orman.
    BTW – I bought your Repro theme, great work!

    • Orman

      Haha cheers Graham!

  5. Great shapes and colors :)

  6. Wow very nice done! Found your Site by surfing thru! Love your work here much!

  7. Diggin’ the icons man. I will definitely use these.

  8. Great resource Orman! I’ve reviewed your Google Maps PINs on my blog ;-) Hope this could help users to reach u!

  9. Very impressive work Mr. Orman. The quality of your work is exceptional.

  10. Orman, these are great. I am using them for map markers on this page:

    I modified it a bit to remove the paw icon and replaced it with a guitar icon (it’s a music related site).

    Think I could talk you into creating some marker cluster icons that are similar in style to these? The marker cluster icons I’m using now are the defaults I believe (they’re the round, blue icons on the map on the linked page).

    Thanks Orman!!

    • Orman

      Looking good! I would recommend that you just create 2 circles, one inside the other, and then copy and paste the layer styles from the original markers onto these two shapes – that should give you something similar for the clusters :)

  11. Andrés

    Really cute. Thanks.

  12. Great stuff. Keep up the good work!

  13. Absolutely fantastic work. Thank you so much.
    Is there a way for me to donate a sum of money for your efforts/offerings?

    • Orman

      No donation necessary bud, spreading the word is always appreciated :)

  14. thanks, they are great!

  15. These look just great! I love the styles you applied to the shapes.

  16. Alex

    Was just thinking I really needed one of these, thought about PP. Knew you wouldn’t disappoint :-) (they’re awesome btw)

  17. Downloading the pins now. Thank you very much.

  18. This is like the tenth time I have downloaded and used these, I really should start keeping a folder with all my little PSD files ;)

  19. sleepcycles

    cool job bro, thank you!!

  20. Peter L

    Brilliant website and downloads. Thanks Orman!

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