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Magazine Style Web Layout (PSD)

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Let’s start the New Year off with a biggie shall we? Today’s awesome freebie is a magazine style website layout – great for all you content publishers out there.

Included in the download are three complete PSDs, the homepage, category pages and the post page. The design features sections for featured content including sliders, advertising and various social widgets – everything you would need to get you started.

Feeling a bit lazy? This site layout is available as a WordPress theme or fully coded HTML template.


  1. Wow Orman, great stuff! So cool that you’ve released this for free! :)

  2. You are a seriously talented chap :) Top job…

  3. Jimmy

    Tnx for this PSD. But I need to ask you why you need so many rulers ? When I crafting some design I’m never using so many rulers.

    • Orman

      We all have different methods, I like to use guides – they help when making pixel-perfect layouts.

  4. Just when you think this site couldn’t get any freaking sweeter, Orman outdoes himself!

    Thank you Orman for this generous freebie!

    • Orman

      Thanks Zach, appreciate the comments :)

  5. iwao

    happy new year !

  6. Great work..

  7. If you think the layout rocks get yourself a copy of the actual Theme it only gets better ::: I’ve recently had the opportunity to mod some files on said theme, I have to admit Ormans coding and “logic” is uncluttered yet effective :::

    And I’ve worked on Woothemes as a beta tester & I’ve also used themes from Obox and several others, But I would recommend Ormans work hands down :::

    • Orman

      Wow thanks Michael, I really appreciate the positive comments! Your $50 is in the post ;)

  8. Thanx man, really nice resource, see yah Twitter via ;)

  9. Dude thank you so much for this, it’s really great to see how people with more years of experience create their layouts. If you are planning tutorials for this year, you could make a simple one explaining how you think is the correct way to code a wp theme, since the creative process of the design, to the coding, not a complete tutorial, but good practices in the several stages, if you know what i mean ;) Thanks

    • Orman

      Thanks João, I think I understand what you mean in regards to best practices. I’m hoping to roll out tutorials with the redesign sometime in the near future.

  10. thanks mate… this design is sleek

  11. is truly impressive, with just what I needed I made work easier …..

  12. Man, this freebie is unbel. awesme!
    Love it, might use it (if so, i’ll tell you)!

  13. is that free and can we download the file?

    • Orman

      Yes it is and yes you can :)

  14. Alex

    What browser is that, Orman?

  15. mashappslabs

    You are just the man, period. Thanks for the making the overall web better one freebie at a time.

  16. Amazing stuff. I can’t believe the standard of your work. Nothing short of perfect!

  17. very cool theme!

  18. PARK

    thank you!!!

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