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Little Black Ribbon (PSD)


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Today’s freebie a little black ribbon. Despite gaining some enemies in the design world, ribbons can still be useful within your designs. If you still like a ribbon or two, this one’s for you.


  1. Love it, I wish I could design like you! I still don’t know how you can be so productive :)

  2. AJ

    Good timing for this one. Thanks for the share!

  3. This is great, you are definitely the master ;)

  4. I think users should be able to vote for related resources because at the moment they really aren’t related. On this post for example neither of the other 2 ribbon freebies are suggested.

  5. Amazing! thanks!

  6. Daniel

    What font is this?

    • Orman

      This is called Coffee Service :)

  7. stevie mckeown

    This is wicked as usual :) I am currently teaching myself PS and was trying to reverse engineer the psd file.

    I create a rectangle and the only way I now how to cut out the V shape in the ribbon is with drawing a shape with the pen tool and using the subtract from path area, which works but you seem to have done it with a mask some how.

    Is there a benefit to doing either way and how do I do it with a mask the same as the you?

    Please help I am driving myself crazy trying to figure out the correct option on PS.

    Keep up the great work it is a source of inspiration and learning for a wanna be designer :)

    • Orman

      To be honest the only thing which really matters is the result, keep playing with whatever method feel comfortable as there’ll be 101 different ways to achieve anything in PS :)

  8. Thank you ! I love the font too :)

  9. Alex

    Very cool work. Thank you.

  10. rohitrox

    sweet !!

  11. i like it.

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