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Light and Dark Pagination (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is definitely one for your toolbox, a set of simple light and dark pagination. Admit it, we’ve all neglected pagination in the past, maybe this drop-in file can help.

Being simple, there really isn’t too much to explain. The design comes in a light and dark colour scheme and includes suggestions for hover and active states. Should come in handy.

Update: Dan Philibin from wrapped this up into a nice little WP-PageNavi theme. All images, css and code can be found in the download. Be sure to read the readme file for instructions!


  1. These are going to come in super handy. Thanks Orman ;)

  2. lovely… thanks…

  3. Really nice. Looks great as ever!

  4. It looks great. Maybe I’ll use it for my blog :)

  5. hoss

    Oh fsck, this is just amazing

  6. We want tutorials! Please record some video tuts or at least text tuts and re-create some of the stuff posted! :))

  7. Very classy! Thank you!

  8. Alex Hughes

    Love the subtle blue on the dark hover. Really nice! Thanks Orman!

  9. This came at the right time while I was working on a Pagination module. So, here is the CSS3 version –

  10. Thanks!!! Awesome work btw

  11. Cecilie

    Thanks, Orman! very helpful!

  12. Christian Zawadzki

    WOW, looks great :)

  13. Christian Zawadzki

    Hey, you should make some tutorials or something, I think they would be really popular!! Maybe even open a YouTube account, as this would be a good way of generating a small amount of revenue. Either way, you work is amazing!

  14. I’m using this nice pagination on my blog (Classica theme):

    Thank you! I love it! ;)

  15. Great collection thank you for the awesome post

  16. Prodyot

    Nice collections and thanks for the pagination download.

  17. thanks. I’ve used this pagination on every site I made.

  18. Nam

    Thanks. Very nice :)

  19. Andreiule

    404 error when I try to download

    • Orman

      Thanks for the heads up, should be all fixed.

  20. angelxu


  21. yavine

    Thanks! very helpful!

  22. Would it be possible to integrate this into the official package of WP-PageNavi?

  23. Nilesh Borade

    ThaNKs very helpful…

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