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Letterpress Photoshop Layer Style & PSD


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An old one but a good one, the letterpress style never seems to truly die. Today’s freebie is a letterpress Photoshop layer style (.asl file) and PSD Рwhoop!

The style is ultra easy to use, type your text and then apply the style from the styles palette. That’s it. As usual if you find this resource useful enough to use in the wild, free free to show it off. Font used in the PSD: Ballpark


  1. Beautiful! I’m sure this site is going to help a lot of people out. Good luck dude.

    • Orman

      Thanks, I really hope it does!

  2. Antonio Capuozzo

    It’s amazing, good site, and great letterpress layer style!!!

    Well done Orman :)

    P.S How do you get the grid???

    • Orman

      Thanks Antonio! A full set of grid patterns is on my list don’t worry :)

    • Antonio Capuozzo

      can not wait! :) keep on rocking!

  3. Beautiful resources. You rock.

  4. The best tutorial!Thanks a lot!

  5. Great content. Keep up the good work :)

  6. Sebastian

    Amazing, thanks a lot

  7. Ben

    On a mac and not sure how to install the font. Tried adding to fontbook and din’t work.

    Awesome resource though, really great site!!!

    • Vinay Bhat

      It’s a layer style buddy, not a font… You need to have photoshop for using this.

  8. This is awesome. I tried dissecting your psd, and my question is actually about the lighting. How did you do the lighting effect. It doesn’t seem like a gradient to me. I can’t figure it out. You are amazing!

    • Orman

      If you’re referring to the radial light in the centre, just take a featured brush and paint a single white dot on a new layer. Set that layer to overlay and play with the opacity.

  9. lily

    I love this, thank you so much! I have a question though… this may be a dumb question, but I can’t change the color of the text….(I tried)… Is this file editable with Photoshop Elements?

    I know that with other psds, I haven’t been able to ungroup the sets with PSE, which is a bummer for me.

    Thanks again for your resources, I love this site and just bookmarked it! :-]

  10. Andrew

    Hi Orman,

    Your site/freebies/themes are great! Thanks a lot for the inspiration.

    I’m using CS5 and when I try to load and apply the style to text the settings differ from those in your example (e.g. the angle of the drop shadow is different, etc.). Any idea what I may be doing wrong?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Orman

      Hey bud, sounds like a global light thing. Have a look at the styles and see if the global light is set to 90 degree. You can alter the styles to use their own light source too

  11. len


  12. voltagemarketing

    Very nice, I love this effect. Thanks!

  13. alyssa

    thankyou! this helped me out alot :)

  14. Hi, I found you from pixelspixelspixels. Thank you for this style, being new and teaching myself graphics with Photoshop I have never seen this before but wow it will sure help me out a load. Thankyou. Hugs
    Wendy x

  15. Eky R

    Awesome styles . Amazing !!

  16. bon

    always nice to browse through this very inspirational site

  17. zaga

    You are amazing! Thank you!

  18. rbulat

    Very impressive! Thanks.

  19. ivantiscornia

    Thank you Orman for your work!!! Saludos!

  20. ottosuke


  21. SofyaDri

    Thank you!!!

  22. Margarita

    You must be told this a lot but I have to thank you for this. I recently discovered your site and I am very grateful for all these wonderful freebies! They’re not only fun, but as a graphic design student they’re helpful and educational, THANK YOU!

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