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iTunes Inspired UI Kit (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a full UI kit which was originally inspired by the iTunes UI. The kit includes all sorts of toggles, tabs, buttons, sliders and fields – should be enough to get you started!


  1. rtabor7

    I was hoping this would show up here. Wonderful!

  2. john

    It was about time Orman!
    Great resource, thanks for sharing :)

  3. Riley Dutton

    Quick someone turn this into a JQuery UI theme :-))

  4. Alex

    Thanks Orman!
    I’ve been looking for a nice UI kit within the last couple of days – just found it ;-).

  5. Suge White

    This is great thanks Orman!

  6. Absolutely brilliant, really needed this !

  7. Wow.. this really looks good.

    I am sure somebody will adapt it to some application.

    Thanks for providing this creative design.

  8. Really cool stuff!

  9. Funny,

    I have been looking at the itunes ui for months and thinking to myself….that would be fun to recreate.

    Well Done Sir!!! as always.

  10. Thank u very much for this perfect freebie ^_^)

  11. Thank u very much!

  12. Really great work Orman. It’s a pity we cant just swap out the iTunes UI for this one ;)

  13. Jan Martin

    i would really love to hire you :)

    • Orman

      Haha thanks Jan. Who knows, maybe one day :)

    • Jan Martin

      I hope so :) I’m looking very forward! You would love Berlin :)

  14. Another great freebie! Thanks Orman!

  15. Jeroen Visser

    Thanks Orman! Nice again, I’m missing the file dialog, could you suggest (or even make, if you can make time for that), how you would make a file-chooser, using this style?


  16. it looks great, you are the best! thanks for sharing

  17. barnman

    Hey Orman, it’s rly awesome!
    It would be nice to see a tutorial of how to do this using code.

  18. Wow. This looks great. Would love to see a iPhone Theme using this UI Kit.

  19. sean

    that is nice , very simple and clean but still in detail

  20. haojing

    Well done!!!

  21. Can Durmus

    Nice, i like it!

  22. Kevin Beal

    Really nice. Is it okay to use for commercial purposes? I would credit you somewhere of course.

    • Orman

      Sure, feel free. You can use anything from here for commercial purposes.

  23. tingzii

    very good!

  24. jayism

    I thought this came with the SOURCE CODE ???

    Please someone pleeeease finish the job, with over 12,000 downloads+ it deserves to be HTML/CSS2-3/JavaScripted/jQuery-ied

    … Yes Please +1

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