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Image Slider Controls (PSD)

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Today’s set of image slider controls are sweet, simple but still every bit useful. If you’re looking to create a ‘self contained’ slider then overlaying the controls is a good idea.

The download, as always, includes the editable PSD making customising the controls to fit your needs a doddle. The artwork featured in the preview is the brilliant work of Andy Young for Familytree.


  1. rtabor7


  2. Simple, stylish and usable. Everything interactive web elements should be.

    Thanks yet again Orman

  3. Luke S

    Great job Orman! Once again you’ve done it! I hope somebody can theme this! :-)

  4. Lucas

    Great one !
    Keep doing amazing work, Orman !

  5. Great job as usual, im just not sure about the image choice, but that is not what matters here :) Thank you.

    If someone wants this in html/css i converted it

    • Victor

      Great work Joao

    • Luke S

      It doesn’t seem to work for me, I’m pressing the controls but nothing happens :(

    • Use the force Luke…

      Joking, sorry :) Read the information in the page, i say it’s only the style, and that if you want to use it you must integate it with a slider script.

  6. Rik de Vos

    Wow, this looks cool! I actually went a step further and created a fully working Nivo slider theme for this slider. You can download it here:

    Credits go to João Sardinha for the CSS3 gradients, borders and shadows.

    • Catalin Cimpanu

      Wow, nice! Somebody actually coded something functional from Orman’s designs. Thanks Rik and Orman.

  7. Vitaliy Tjuryakin

    Very good work, Orman!

  8. Hi Orman,

    Thanks for this one.
    I’ll probably use it on a fun project, themeing a shopping cart of a mockup illustration art store. Maybe I’ll also add this theme to my portfolio which I finally started building.
    I’m already overlaying (with transparancy) the quantity, price, article # and description.

    Why did you knock all but one of his teeth out of his mouth?
    His nose is still bleeding too. Poor guy.

  9. I coded this based on the Zurb Orbit image slider, and converted it to a simple WordPress plugin!

    Check it out here:

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