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Image Gallery Design (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is sweet, simple and effective; an image gallery complete with thumbnails. If you’re looking for something just a little different from a standard slider, look no further.

The illustrations in the preview are the work of Niklas Coskan aka Deedeekid, one of my favourite illustrators – go check out more of his work, seriously!


  1. Hey Orman, this is a great little freebie. I love the desaturated / saturated effect. Well done ;)

  2. Luke S

    I’ve been coding a lot lately but I believe coding this would involve some jquery magic, could anybody give it a shot? :-)

    Great work Orman, it gets better and better!

  3. Great work! Nice, very nice.

  4. Nicolas Gutierrez

    Wow Orman, another great job.

    Amazing… i really like it :)
    Thank you.

  5. Superb freebie as usual! I think I can speak for everyone and say you’re generosity is greatly appreciated. I’d love to see this one coded up! Ever thought about giving away some coded web elements every now and then?

  6. I have absolutely no use for this, as I don’t have this Photoshop program.

    … ha! not, this is really awesome, thanks for sharing, Orman :)

  7. Orman – Do you use photoshop for these things over fireworks for any particular reason?

  8. cinoa

    … again sooooo superb, thanks Orman.

    As a newcomer: I need some instructions to implement this PS piece into a slider UI like jQuery or mootools?

    Do You have any link for totorials?


  9. dominic

    Thanks. Would be great if you guys made a release of all these nice noisy/grainy backgrounds you use!

    • Daniel

      Ohhhh, Yes please, preferably in layer styles :-D

  10. Luke S

    Thankyou CodeMonkey! :D

    • jo

      Hey luke thanks for integrating all the orman’s work in your website !
      I try to contact you with your twitter account but it doesnt work.

  11. I’ve coded this up using CSS rather than images. The only images I used are the thumbnails. All of the corners, shadows, bevels and borders are done in CSS. I’ve got it pretty much exactly the same as the PSD. You can see what I’ve done, as well as grab the code via my blog post.

    • Luke S

      I’m clicking on the images but it doesn’t even work :/

  12. Lucas

    Great freebie !
    Do you know Winshluss ?

  13. Michael Pope

    Check out my CSS3 version of this great design over at Forrst –

  14. Justin Podzimek

    Still a WIP, but I created a jQuery plugin based on this design. You can find the code here:

  15. Wells

    Your attention to detail is inspiring! Keep it up!

  16. Hi again! Wow! So much stuff on your site. Such great quality. Cheers.

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