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Image Frame Slider Thingy-ma-bob (PSD)

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Today’s freebie is a simple image slider thingy-ma-bob set on a wooden background. Oh and some pagination thrown in for good measure. You know you love a slider.

The icons shown in the preview (not included in download) are the work of Prekesh Chavda, a designer and sometimes illustrator from the sunny UK! Make sure you go and check out more of his work on his portfolio and Dribbble.


  1. Elina

    This is really nice. Thank you! :)

  2. Vinay Bhat

    Right after seeing the icons, I knew it weren’t yours. Nobody has perfected shadows yet, as you have.

  3. looks dynamite..

  4. Prekesh is really awesome, so are you :)

    Thanks for throwing another freebie!

  5. Looks great and thanks for the freebie. Only thing I’m struggling with is the chrome bullet doesn’t seem to match the organic wood/throwback theme.

  6. Awesomeness.
    But I think the the metallic slider indicator-thingy-da-bob is not completely centered. Is that on purpose? ;)


  7. Thanks for this freebie! I have followed you for some time and this is the first time I comment here. I find a lot of inspiration from your works. Thank you.

  8. Prekesh is truly an awesome theme. Thanks a lot for the freebie ;)

  9. Love it, specially the wooden background and corner. Thank you.

  10. Haziq

    My favorite from you, so far, Orman! Thanks a ton ;)

    P.S. We need to talk. No, not about another freebie ;)

  11. Nenad

    Can someone give a code for this.

  12. Where can I get hold of the wood texture, Orman? :-)

    • firdaus

      thanks luke s :)

  13. I totally agree with you guys.. Awesome themes :-) Thanks!

  14. mbn

    This is really wonderful. I’m use this design in my project. thanks!

  15. Really great themes. Thanks a lot. I’m probably gonna use the Prekesh-one soon :)

  16. really great. i love the design

  17. No doubt – Prekesh is simply amazing!

  18. Indeed amazing themes!

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