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Horizontal Accordion / Slider GUI (PSD)

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Featured content sliders are hugely popular in modern web design. Today’s freebie is a fully editable PSD of a horizontal accordion (or slider) interface. Very nice indeed.

Accordion’s are great for showing off your favourite images, posts, or perhaps compacting a product feature tour. If you’re going to add a little pazazz to your accordion, you should take a look at SlideDeck – mega simple to work with. Click the image aboce for a full preview (it’s a wide one) and don’t forget to leave your thoughts :)


  1. What a man u ? really stunning resource :)

  2. Loving this! Thanks for all these download Orman, they are fantastic for people just starting out, as well as helping designers have great starting points in a design.

  3. Loving the high quality of your work!
    The suttle highlight on the active tab is very nice!

  4. Antonio Capuozzo

    Orman, u def ROCK! :) Great work as always!!

  5. Awesome GUI! Thx Orman :)

  6. Great work Orman. The quality of your designs are uncanny. Keep it up bud, a lot of people like what you’ve got going here.

  7. Simple and effective I love it! I’m really glad I added your site to my daily feeds. Thanks Orman!

  8. Amazing work yet again.

  9. BlackThunder83

    You’re awesome!! Just promise us that you’ll always have such high-quality downloads for us to enjoy and learn from, and I hope it only gets better.

  10. Thanks guys, I’m hoping someone implements this, would love to see it in the wild!

  11. Great work as usual Orman! We gave you a bit of love on our product blog:

  12. Sebastien

    Very nice work !

  13. Great work!

  14. Simply Superb! Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  15. Super cool graphics Orman.

    If anyone is interested i’ve been using the free jquery horizontal accordion put together by Andrea Cima Serniotti over at

  16. Orman, this is beautiful!

    would this work on the WP plugin as well?

    • Orman

      Hi Barry, seeing that this is just the PSD I would imagine it could be adapted to anything that can be modified with CSS.

  17. Yo mate awesome work. One thing tho, I opened the resource file and there was no patter, your image’s on this website has it, but the resource file don’t. Really would enjoy the patter as well.


  18. Dave

    Looks awesome! I want to use this on slider for a site I am creating. I am unsure what the steps are to make this PSD usable by the WordPress SlideDeck plugin. Do you have a tutorial or how-to guide for this?

    • Orman

      Unfortunately no, I don’t have a tutorial. Perhaps you should check out the actual SlideDeck site, perhaps they have more information?

  19. Love it….Havin doubts on how to implement this on the javascript slidedeck version though..Any ideas?

  20. Awesome thanks a lot!

  21. Jane

    Nicee!! I probably will use this for a website but have to change the colors. Is that ok?

  22. Jane

    Thanks Orman!

  23. Dan

    Hey Orman,

    Love your work! Any chance you could upload the individual elements, your css file and lines of html required? I’m having trouble putting this together.

    Thanks so much!

  24. Hi Orman,

    I created a horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery based on your designs. You can find it here:

    I just wanted to drop by and say thanks. I really appreciate it when designers open source UI components, because I can use their designs to focus on coding UI components, rather than getting frustrated trying to design them myself.

    Thanks again!

  25. I’m in love. Nuf said.

  26. elleseven

    It’s so gorgeous! I’m loving everything you create!
    How do I install this font that you have in the PSD?

  27. Jowan

    Nice design, I love it… thanks

  28. Juniorkbcao

    beautiful! thank you for the inspiration!

  29. Mike Campbell

    I am wondering if someone could point me in a good direction in learning how to use these PSD files in my web designs, I am using WordPress and need to learn more about how this stuff works?

  30. Not a Cat

    Cool… Thanks!

  31. ultraatef

    Great JOB
    thank you

  32. mars135805

    Love this design so much!Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  33. alymohamed

    thank u very much …. its fabulous

  34. TREZ

    amazing thanks

  35. ravirai

    Cool…thanks for sharing…

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