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Happy Little Rain Cloud (PSD)


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Since it’s Friday I thought I’d have a little fun. Today’s freebie is a happy little rain cloud. No, this doesn’t have much to do with web design but whatever.

Yesterday, while munching on my Cheese and Onion Walkers crisps, I happened to notice a great looking rain cloud for their latest promotion on the packet. I loved it so much I wanted to recreate it. Not sure if you’ll get a chance to use it, but at least I had fun making it – it’s all about me don’t you know! The download includes the editable PSD.


  1. peterhiller

    looks quiet a bit like it never rains in …. nice logo – thanks

  2. Beautiful. Love it. Quick question: how did you create the starburst? Illustrator then bring into PS?

    • Orman

      Actually I used a brush that I made way back in the day. If others are interested then I could release a set.

  3. Matthew

    I absolutely love this! Great job! I can’t wait until you release your next free downloadable.

  4. iwao

    Just wanted to say it’s the first time i see your website, it’s just incredible, thx a lot for share this great stuff, you make the web better :)

  5. Hamish Leith

    This is just like the rain cloud shown on packets of Walkers crisps for a competition they’re running right now…

    • Orman

      Check out the description :)

    • Hamish Leith

      :L :L :L should have read that ^^

      great work btw :)

  6. Nice little graphic, im sure I can use this for something…thanks!

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