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Growl Notification Style


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Today’s freebie is something a little different, a Growl notification style. If you use Growl and want to spice up the notices, perhaps this one is for you.

If you’re a Mac user you may already be aware of Growl however for those of you who aren’t, it’s a notification system applications can use to tell you when things have been done. And you can style it. Nice!

Included in the download is the PSD needed to make any edits and of course the coded Growl style ready to be put to use straight away. Double-click the style icon (after downloading) to install and configure it within your Growl preferences. Enjoy!


  1. Seele

    i really don’t konw how to download the psd,and where is the download button?

    • Orman

      It’s the big round button underneath the preview image :)

  2. Hey, I just downloaded the files. In your article you said:

    “Double-click the style icon (after downloading) to install and configure it within your Growl preferences. Enjoy!”

    But there is no style icon …. So what do I have to do?

    • Orman

      Once you have unzipped the download you will see an icon like so – this is the icon you would double click to install. You need to be using a Mac as Growl is a Mac application.

    • Pascal

      Yeah I know, I am a (proudly) mac user. But after unzipping the zip file, all i see is this:


      So as you can see, my system doesn’t interpret the files as clickable app. Its just a folder with these files listed.

    • Orman

      Try changing finder to view items as icons rather than a list. View > As Icons. Ensure you have Growl installed already.

    • Pascal

      Oh okay, sorry my bad. I thought Growl is a build-in OS X application. Just installed growl……. now it works *facepalm*

    • paul

      Pascal, you would double-click the file, “PremiumPixels.growlStyle” to install the style. But, you need to install Growl first.

  3. Margaret-Ann

    I have absolutely no use for this as I use windows.

    • Orman

      No, I don’t suppose you would. But, you may be able to find inspiration in the design perhaps.

    • Joshua Stone

      Great comment, Margaret-Ann! A+ Would read again.

    • iamchrisclark

      Ever used a mac? If not, I (and millions of other people) recommend it.

    • Jonathan

      I’m sure Orman will consider a full refund :)

  4. CodeMonkey

    This is EXCELLENT!

  5. Seele

    oh,i see it’s my browser’s problem

  6. First of all: thanks for all the great inspiration and the marvelous work.

    Second: what about the items in the menu bar? Especially the cursor-tornado-thingy interests me. Anything very useful for workflow (which could be a special subject itself…whatever)? :-)

  7. john

    Good one, great work ;)
    And greetings from Greece.

  8. JT11

    Wow, Can you make a background from the part that u are using as background all ready? totally would like to have that!

  9. Ram

    Hi Orman, thanks so much for the wonderful theme. My problem however is that the notification is not extending beyond 2 lines, so when I get tweets, for instance, it shows only 2 lines. What can I do to make it extend please ?

    Thanks !
    twitter: @t87

    • Orman

      That’s right, it’s fixed at two lines on account of the arrow and icon out-of-the-box design. For unlimited height you would need to lose the arrow and re-code the style.

    • Christian

      “Smokestack” is pretty similar and it works with unlimited height so I guess this is fixable.
      As is it looks great but it doesn’t really work to well ;(

    • Orman

      Smokestack works because it doesn’t include a gradient. You are more than welcome to build upon this style to include variable height if you can find a solution.

    • Jonathan del Strother

      I’m a bit late to the party, but if you were to replace the #background css with this –

      #background {
      border-width: 30px 6px 7px 72px;
      -webkit-border-image: url(“images/notify_bg.png”) 30 6 7 72 fill stretch;
      box-sizing: border-box;
      overflow: hidden;

      - then the image resizes nicely to fit around multiple lines of text.

  10. inket

    This is really lovely, Orman. Thank you.

    I can’t help but ask, could you please include a non-icon version ?

  11. Hey Orman, nice work. Will this pretty little notification style update Growl automatically for me every 2 days too? : )

  12. Schlomo

    This design is *awesome*! I have a question though. I’m trying to reposition the arrow to be on top. How can I combine the paths of the two raw layers to make something like the base layer (with the arrow repositioned)? What option(s) in Photoshop will combine the paths?


  13. Dennis

    Another coda user! love the look of the notifications, just might have to incorporate it into my webapp.

  14. viqueen

    Awesome! You’re the best.

  15. This is such a pretty piece of design Orman! Was looking for something like this for ever so long….will replace the icon with something more personal.

  16. Carl

    Hey Orman, first of all, great theme for growl. But there is one little thing different from te screenshot you take, you’re text is bolder than on my screen, any idea to make it bolder? check ( )

    • Carl

      correction: your text is bold :)

  17. Vivian

    Thanks for this theme :)

    You’ve been featured on iconpaper !

    PS : Does it work on Lion?

    • Orman

      Yep, works just fine on Lion. Thank you for the feature.

    • Jeff

      I have a fresh install of Lion, and I reinstalled Growl, just in case, but this doesn’t “preview” in the System Preferences, and Notifications don’t seem to display with this style. I wonder what’s up…

      Love it, though. I’ll let you know if I figure it out. Thanks!

    • Jeff

      Nevermind! If you have problems with Lion/Growl, remove the plist in ~/Library/Preferences containing “growl” (and the lock file). Re-open System Preferences and you’re good to go!

    • Federico Holgado

      Thanks, that did the trick! Happened on my 2 computers running Lion though, might want to add something on the post for future downloaders!

  18. Best Growl theme evar. Nice job.

    In the screenshot what application is the cloud icon?

  19. Adam

    This is amazing. Thanks so much Orman!

  20. Christina Gillick

    This is great! Love it! Thank you!!

  21. Brilliant! Thanks for sharing that :0

  22. This would be great if it wasn’t fixed height.

  23. I was curious as to what background you have? I was looking for some green backgrounds this afternoon.

  24. Vitor Perez

    Jeff, you’re totally right! thank you!

  25. I am loving this! I can easily recognize Skype contacts or which app triggered the notification immediately. Thank you!

  26. TRD

    Hello, fantastic theme. How i can just get rid off the icons on the left please ? An iconless version in fact :)

    Thank you.

  27. Christian

    This one looks really great. I would love a light version for Lion though … similar to Growling Lion (See

  28. alanariley

    Very nice!!

  29. Matt

    This is fantastic. Thank you so much!

  30. Alex

    Absolutely love it. Is it possible to position it bottom right instead of top right though?

  31. Joe

    Love love love this, Orman. Thanks!

  32. Neil

    great theme, thanks Orman :)

  33. Pierre

    Great work once again Omar, always on point! Cheers bud.

    • Pierre

      Orman* – lol not quite sure how that happened. Thanks!

  34. Wow!
    You just made my mac look so much better,
    Thank you!

  35. Sulaiman

    I really love this Growl Skin! but i want to suggest you to make with animated it would great!

  36. this is great one man from my side a Coffee to you

  37. You should probably replace the batteries in your mouse pretty soon.

  38. Vince

    Thanks you, This is even more beautiful now

  39. Fatali

    Thank you very much for the wonderful materials. Fatali

  40. Cesar

    Omg, I didn’t know that we can put custom styles on Growl. Thank you so much, this is gorgeous

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