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Google Plus(+) Icons (PNG & PSD)


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Today’s quick freebie may come in handy for the lucky few of you which have Google Plus(+) invites – a set of Google Plus icons. They should make a nice addition to your toolbox.

The icons pretty much speak for themselves, they come in two sizes (32px and 24px) and the download includes not only the .png files but the PSD too. Handy Andy!


  1. Thanks for share mate… Nicely designed :)

  2. Joe Wilcox

    Really nice little icons, Would be cool to have one with the google “g” in there aswell..

    • Orman

      Yeah, was in two minds. In the end I just went for an enlarged version of the Favicon.

  3. Oh! they are great :D Loved the bigger version

    • Orman

      Nope, they are someone else’s.

    • Enk.

      I don’t know its a co-incidence or what, you both guys end up creating similar stuff. lol.
      Creative minds alike!

    • Lars

      They are pretty similar

  4. AndrewPH

    Nice job sir! :) thanks for the share.. I would love to see more of your social networking icons the soonest :) .. keep it up..

  5. It’s like you read my mind, I was in the market for a G+ icon.

  6. HOLY SHIAT! You are god!

    • Martin Trewin

      You mean ‘good’, right?

  7. This one has the ‘g’ –

    I like both styles. I’m not sure where the whole black icon with red/blue/green/yellow top bar comes from, but I must have been living under a rock lately. (Apart from the obvious – the new black style of Google and the logo colors – but I mean how everyone is coming up with essentially this type of icon.)

    • Orman

      Because it is the icon and colours that Google use, check out the Google+ favicon for example.

  8. Nice work Orman. These icons will come in handy. Now all I need is an invite.

  9. Thanks. Very nice.

  10. If I’m not mistaken, they are using this as their favicon now ;)

  11. ed

    Any idea how to switch out the google + button with this button? Any resources out there that could help me? Thanks.

  12. Incredible icons! thanks

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