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Google Maps UI Controls (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a sweet little addition to your designer toolbox – a set of Google maps UI controls. Super handy for mocking up mapping in your next project. Enjoy!


  1. anodpixels

    Usefully bit of pixels, thanks Clark !!!

    • Rick Jones

      Indeed very nice! Thanks man!

  2. Bastian

    Neato burrito, Mr. Clark.

  3. Great one It is very useful for me

  4. you are truly an inspiration! :)

  5. coryz40

    Is this to celebrate iOS 6 maps?

  6. Wow! looks lovely! Thanks for share!!!

  7. yaelrose

    how can I chage the map to another one?

  8. Wow Clark! That’s a great one!

  9. Amazing, Clark! Thank you.

  10. astoba

    That’s Perfect!

  11. Wow, now that is nice. thanks Orman :)

  12. Very nice indeed. Thanks!

  13. Its very nice indeed!

  14. xiaowu-80h

    thank you


  16. Very helpful. Thanks a lot :)

  17. Thanks Orman – very handy!

  18. tnx alot.great.

  19. So great! Thanks Orman :D

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