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Gel Text Effects (PS Layer Styles)


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Today‚Äôs freebie is a set of two gel effect text styles. If you’re in the market for creating some awesome gel, type your text, add the style, job done.

The two styles work best with larger text and are versatile enough to be used with most background colours. The download includes the .asl file and a sample PSD. Enjoy!


  1. Great work! Excelent!

  2. Waw, that’s amazing. Thanks for providing all this for free!

  3. Thanks a lot for your work.
    The web looks so great! Very useful for the developers like us!!


  4. kpjothivelu

    stunning and useful resource :)

  5. Orman, I love this, fantastic. Thank you.

  6. Toni

    Great. Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  7. Coffeebean

    omg, this is ultimo-coolio! :)

  8. w1sh

    Nice contour curves Orman. Rrraow!

  9. Harry

    All of these resources are excellent. Thank you!

  10. this is one of the best style I have ever seen until now. just great.

  11. flitzzz

    sexy. =]

  12. cool this style, thanks

  13. Love your gel style – really yummy :) I have ‘Liked’ you on Facebook and will certainly link to your website – great work Orman – thanks!

  14. Emi

    Thank you very much !

  15. Lynn

    This is amazing! I love it!
    Can I ask you what the font it is?

    • Orman

      Thanks, the font is Bello Pro!

  16. tsuruda

    thank you for your wonderful icons.

  17. MAY3AM

    awesome!! good job man!

  18. Andrew

    That’s the sexiest photoshop gel effect I have ever seen. Thanks Orman!

  19. Rashauna Christopher

    I love. Thanks.

  20. Ashok

    Very nice effect… thanks for download option…

  21. michael stephan

    very nice I love this one

  22. Rachid

    made me dribble slightly

  23. pashupati chaudhary

    i love your gel style. thanks u for your lovely creation…………

  24. Je

    Thanks a lot for this, exactly what I’m looking for, gel-like effects. It’s awesome!

  25. ange

    Hi, thankyou for the free style, looks fab!.

  26. Stephen

    Hi, Please can you tell me what font you have used for this. Love the style by the way.

  27. Cat1dr

    Thank you! I really love this and thanks for making it FREEEEEE! LOL

  28. Cheshire

    Thank you so much for providing it free! Your site helps me a lot. Thank you so much x

    • Orman

      You’re more than welcome :)

  29. TEWhaanga

    What a thoughtful individual. Thank you for this, they are all amazing!

    • Orman

      Thanks, appreciate it :)

  30. jingaworks

    Thanks for providing it for free. Great stuff to achieve great designs.


  31. ivantiscornia

    Excelent! Thank you Orman for your work!

  32. junooon


  33. Praveen


  34. U Aung Than MDY

    Thank you very much.

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