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Fully Layered Macbook Air (PSD)


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Today’s freebie, a Macbook Air PSD, is a fantastic contribution from Swedish designer Jonathan Olsen. The Macbook is fully layered and makes a great surround for showing off work.

Jonathan designed this PSD at a much larger size than you see in the preview, the screen area is 820px x 530px which should give you plenty of options.

Make sure you give Jonathan a thank you by tweeting him on Twitter (@lilypadse) and you can see more of his work over on Dribbble.


  1. Jan Martin

    Nice job Orman…like always :)

    • On the contrary, Orman’s not the designer of this one. :D

  2. Koos

    Sleek, very sleek!! Nicely done… Again!

    • Jonathan Olsen

      Thanks :)

  3. Carsten

    love it

  4. jacob

    Great work! The only issue is that the latest MBAs do not have the IR sensor in the front as shown. Then again, it’s layered so I guess I can just take it out myself…

    • Jonathan Olsen

      Yeah I know but I added it in case of :)

  5. Nicely done Jonathan!

  6. Seth Lilly

    Nice work Jonathan!

  7. JayStiqs

    Great work, man. Thanks

  8. This should come in handy, thanks for sharing.

  9. Ben

    Absolutely phenomenal! You guys rock, sincerely.

  10. Robin Dupret

    Whah !

    Just too nice ! :D Very good work. It’s certainly the best freeby of your website ! Nice !

  11. Jonathan Olsen

    Thanks everyone! And thanks to Orman for featuring the PSD :)

  12. Brian Jones

    Very nice – and thank you much for the excellent freebie!

  13. Thanks man, we’ll be using this for our newest web design (essex) project!

    • Jonathan Olsen

      Let me know how it turns out! :)

  14. Alba

    Nice! Thanks! :)

  15. Fantastic. Just what I needed for my landing page design. Thanks!

  16. Maxime Bartellome

    Just amazing. Thanks a lot.

  17. Bilge


  18. yorubawoman

    Love your work. Thank you!!!

  19. Beautiful PSD, nice work.

  20. Toto

    Great ;)

  21. Gerard

    Nice work!

  22. Great looking piece :)

  23. Awesome! How did you do that? :-)

  24. Michael

    The screen frame is too narrow. Have you seen the real thing?

  25. Nashrol

    Awesome…great job

  26. Thanks for the great PSD! I badly needed to get my hands on this!


  27. FriskyTriscuit

    This is great! Lifesaver!

  28. carolrj

    Jonathan, it’s amazing, tks for sharing!

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