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Form Element Styling (PSD)


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Forms can all too often look a little dull. Today’s freebie, a set of styled form elements, should be able to help out. Let’s go and jazz up some forms!

The PSD includes styles for text fields, select boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and a main submit button – enough to get you started! Let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to share!


  1. These are great Orman :) The problem with these stupid forms though, that’s it a real pain to style them.. Styling forms with CSS is one the things I seriously hate to do.. There are some jQuery plugins available that make it easier and more fun, but these can cause problems in browsers etc.. Life can be tough as a designer :)

    • w1sh

      Yeah, what he said.

    • Orman

      Yup, what he said.

    • Lovely form elements there Orman.
      This is quite a good solution for more accessible form elements

  2. this is just perfect..thx for your great work..

  3. Does anyone have a template of some sort (HTML5/CSS3) for styling a form? I’ve tried in the past with no luck.

  4. nice share. I love this.
    thank you.

  5. I found that most of this can be implemented with regular CSS except for the radios, checkboxds and select styling. For this I used jqTransform:

    I removed all the stuff I didn’t use in the plugin. It seems to work in most browsers :)

  6. jomskidoodle

    very nice!!!! :)

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