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Flip-Clock Countdown (PSD)


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Flip clocks, pretty groovy right? Today’s freebie is exactly that, a groovy little countdown flip-clock design – the perfect event/product launch companion.

Countdowns can be a great way to build up anticipation when launching a new product /service or give users a clear indication of how long they have left to perform a certain task. Perhaps a countdown on a scheduled maintenance page will ease frustration. Either way, today’s freebie will help you implement a countdown with style.

For kicks, I filmed myself making the flip-clock and I’ve condensed the result into just 2 minutes – I know you’re busy ;)



  1. I always used to wonder how you find time to create all these freebies & looking at the speed in which you created this one I can now see. ;)

    Great work Orman

    • Max Ngari

      Dude, its in fast foward mode…

  2. How do you decide what you are going to do each time you create a new freebie?

    Good job on this by the way, and nice to see a video :D Did you do a test run before you filmed it?

    • Orman

      I have a simple list of ideas and I pick one that takes my fancy. I also ask you guys a lot on Twitter. No test run, there are lots of ‘mistakes’ in the video, it’s just too quick for you to notice ;)

    • w1sh

      He seems to draw inspiration from people on Dribbble. He basically sees something nice on there, redoes it even nicer, and releases it as a freebie.

      Not hating or anything Orman, just seems to me like that’s the strategy.

    • Orman

      Hmmm you couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t have any ‘strategy’ whatsoever. I have a list of ‘things’ that I would like to design, most of them being stuff that I haven’t had a chance to for clients. This site is an excuse, an excuse to make things I like and be able to justify it. Nothing more, nothing less.

      I’ve never searched Dribbble, or any other site for that matter, for popular stuff to make better. There’s no appeal in that to me.

    • w1sh

      Jus’ sayin’. I stalk you pretty good on Dribbble and notice things popping up as “Popular” then a few days later you might make a similar shot with your own spin on it (usually much better/cleaner). Then you submit to here.

      If I’m wrong then it’s a coincidence, but I have noticed that.

      Nothing wrong with doing that anyway.

      Out of curiousity, what’s on “the list”?

    • Orman

      Dude, you’re wrong. No debate. It’s never even entered my head to do that. Trust me, I have more integrity. On the list is a bunch of things such as different textures, icons, psds and so on.

  3. I always used to wonder how you find time to create all these freebies & looking at the speed in which you created this one I can now see. ;) [2]


  4. Vinay

    hey, which song?!

    • Orman

      Shining Down by Lupe Fiasco. Lasers in general is a great album.

  5. Awesome Orman.

    I love the time lapse treat you gave us today – really nice touch :)

  6. As always, nice job. I can definitely find a great use for this.

  7. Great piece of work. Here is a question for you. How can I slow the video down.

  8. Thiago


  9. Yesterday I was at a train station and was looking at this type of time table. I thought to myself nice effect to use at a website (coming soon page) and today you publish an ready to use file – I guess you read my mind that day ;)

  10. Here is a tutorial for a flip clock countdown:

    I plan to combine the pretty pixel aesthetics with the now how of the tuts-plus tutorial. :)

  11. Cool video, and great song :-)

  12. Nick Plekhanov

    Orman, it would be a great idea to publish weekly or daily(?) video tuts like this, but full versions. It’s easy to follow video rather than simply inspecting psd.

    Cheers from Russia.

    • Orman

      I’m looking into it, the difficulty is the time it takes to produce them. Working on it :)

  13. zip

    Thank for your great resources.

  14. I love the video idea. Do you plan to do more stop-motion captures of future freebies? Even in fast speed, it’s awesome to see how others tinker with layer styles to get just the right look.

    What software did you decide to go with to capture the stop motion?

    • Orman

      I’m looking into the possibilities of a handful of screencasts. They’ll never take over from the freebies but one or two might make an appearance. I used ScreenNinja to record the time lapse.

  15. My god this is perfect timing. My partner and I are planning a world trip for next year, and I was thinking this morning that I want to add a countdown timer on to my site to count down till the first flight. And then I get into work and this is here.

    I’ll just need to add another dial for either weeks or months.

    Thanks heaps Orman.

  16. Rensa

    I think he used Camtasia..
    Thank you Orman, now i know a little how you make your projects, if you can you should show video in normal speed :P Love the detail put into this one :P

  17. Sytze

    Respect! :)

  18. just love it !

  19. wow

    You are really genius! Your Workflow reminds me of mine but i don’t get these results -.-

  20. quality…

    I’m using lots of your freebies in my new version of portfolio.

    your freebies always inspire me to try your elegant design techniques. I’d love to share it with u when it’s done..


  21. Wow great, thank you. I agree that video tutorials from you would be amazing! I would even pay money for it, for the record.


  22. w1sh

    You’re a friggin’ guide lover. Jesus there are a lot of guides. :)

    • Orman

      I love guides. That’s how things end up pixel perfect :)

    • w1sh

      Pixel Perfect shmixel perfect. I use guides like a mofo too, but you’re insane about it. Try setting your grids to 1px or something. ;)

      Btw, redesign of Premium Pixels looks good. Really like the grid view on the front page. Slightly dislike how light some of the elements are, but my monitor is slightly brighter than most (all the boxes and stuff look white).

    • Orman

      You’re special. Seems like you’ve taken it upon yourself to become my nemesis.

    • w1sh

      Not my intention man. Sorry if it’s came off that way.

  23. One thing I noticed, you didn’t press save ONCE!!! HAHA.

    • Orman

      What can I say, I live on the edge!

    • JcMathis

      Holy shiz…. You do live on the edge…

  24. I’m big fan of your work Orman !
    I love the detailing you add to your work & that’s make Orman looks different !
    This was barely 50 minutes job for you…. [ I count it :) ]
    If I was at your place, It would take me 1.30 hours to create .PSD & One More Hour to keep looking at & finding How could I improved it ? & at the end I’m not quite satisfied with my work !
    I always wonder how do you manage all these things ?
    How do you set a limit for a particular design in terms of scope for improvements & Feel satisfied ?

    • Orman

      The truth is, I’m never happy with anything. Not a single thing. I nearly get there but there’s always something I think could be better. But, there are only 24hrs in the day, sometimes you need to cut yourself off even if you’re not 100% satisfied.

  25. Rensa

    Orman how do you make your middle glow so good, if i use brush white with overlay it comes pixely on the edges ;(

    • Orman

      I set it to overlay and add some noise to the layer underneath. It helps a little.

  26. Rensa

    Btw, love the new site Orman. The download and love button should be a bit colored so they would stand out a bit :P Download one green and love it red or pink :P

    A bit of more color brings it to life, also some of text is unreadable a bit in the info part that shows name and date.. especially the date. Other than that it’s suberb :P

  27. jzarma

    everyone’s a critic

    • Daniel Chatfield

      Constructive criticism

  28. Rob

    Great stuff. Many thanks!

  29. Tegar Nyoto

    Hi Orman,
    I am creating a program under Visual Basic 6, and I need to use Flick Clock style in the program.
    I would like to make an Flip Clock OCX/ActiveX. based on your Flip Clock animation. Is that possible?
    Do you use animation image to create that Flip Clock?
    Would you let me use your animation?
    Thanks for helping me.

    • Orman

      Feel free to use the design, however it is just a PSD.

  30. What size screen do you use?

    • Orman

      27in iMac – lots of room!

  31. John

    How do you install this to the webpage and add custom details in?

  32. Roberto

    Awesome work! Beauty is in the details…

  33. Nico

    what do you use to record your screen?
    also i downloaded this psd, super excited but it wouldn’t open up in my ps. BUMMER :/

    • Orman

      I used a Mac App called ScreenNinja. Shame about the PSD, not sure what might be the issue there.


    Did anyone create a flash countdown timer with this? like:


  35. Guylaine

    I’m thrilled to have found Premium Pixel. Keep up the great work.

  36. Hamza

    Some video tuts of your process would be absolutely cool too watch.
    Nice way of learning your process that way :-)
    Brilliant stuff bro

  37. Hey Orman, I have to say, your site has been a ton of inspiration. I actually stumbled over it while searching the web for similar URLs to my own :) and have followed your stream of beautiful psd’s ever since.

    I implemented a little countdown clock based on your flip-clock design and Keith Wood’s jQuery Countdown plugin before launching the recent redesign, which can still be seen here. (And you might also come across a variant of your pretty little red ribbon :) ).

    Cheers, m.
    Compliments for your beautiful designs and thank you for the regular dose of inspiration.

  38. Hey, I used this freeby as the base for this site:

    It’s a countdown until I graduate from high school.

    Thanks for all the awesome freebies ;)

  39. hocine

    Thank’s for sharing

  40. Desiree

    Orman, you’re a natural! Thanks for sharing your talent and creative products with the rest of us. I found you and while working with the jQuery & WordPress Nivo Slider. You inspire me!

    Thanks, as always, for your generosity.

    • Orman

      Thanks, really appreciate the kind words!

  41. snoggydogg

    thanks a lot Orman ! I used for one of my project

    • Orman

      That looks awesome :)

  42. Naless

    Thank’s for sharing it’s awsome, simple and clean

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