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Dark UI Kit (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a rather tasty looking dark UI kit by Swedish designer Victor Erixon – his second contribution to Premium Pixels. I’m sure you’ll agree, the kit is tip-top!

You’ll probably want to check out more of Victor’s work right? Well you can see more over at Dribbble. Perhaps say hello on Twitter too :)


  1. Victor, you did it again. Great job man! :)

  2. Denis

    Thanks man :)

  3. Prestige

    Too bad I’ve already established my site, would have definitely used these! As usual, amazing work!! :D

  4. littleg

    real nice

  5. What a nice UI!
    Should fit well for some web app :)
    For website is challenging to make this UI cross compatible with browsers like IE.

  6. semen74

    I really like it!

  7. nice really awesome kit

  8. Hugo

    Big Up! :)

  9. Awesome work. Victor!

  10. It’ dark as hell in here, haha.
    Really nice work.

  11. jesus

    it`s wnderfull really excelent thanks. very oufull

  12. choaoa

    Awesome work. Victor!

  13. lili7476

    Its beautiful!

  14. kceron

    I love it. I love it. I love it! Great job! All your work is just simply amazing.

  15. Frédéric Geerts

    nice work

  16. Débora

    omg I found your website today and I couldn’t be happier :) so many nice stuff, keep up the good work, you’re awesome ^^

  17. Ray

    Love it! Have you plans to make a white version of the UI-kit?

  18. Incredible! I plan to turn it into a CSS framework for an upcoming project – I’ll post it here when I’m done!

  19. chihyg57


  20. marcialsoto

    Love it! I’m using it in my mockup ;)

  21. very nice design.. i going to follow these designs.

  22. have to agree the kit is tip-top!

  23. carolrj

    absolutely fabulous! Luuuuv it!

  24. mtlguy86

    This would be killer for a bot. you guys do AMAZING WORK and deserve lots of props for releasing this stuff free!! WOW

  25. i love this UI kit. It’s perfect for my next project! Thanks! :D

  26. downloadphotoshop

    Spectacular work Orman, so consistent and so prolific. By the way, your freebies are the subject of the front page post on today.

  27. VenusFreedom

    It looks so cool, very nice. haha

  28. Awesome design mate. Very crisp and pixel perfect UI. Using your work to do my next iPhone App project.

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