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Dark Search Box & Drop Down (PSD)


Downloaded 26,533 times

Today’s freebie is a sweet contribution from French UI Designer Alexandre Naud. Alexandre has put together a pixel-perfect search box and dropdown menu for us all. Very kind Sir!

When you’re done admiring the elements you should take a look at Alexandre’s other work over at Dribbble. While you’re at it, give him a wave on Twitter too.


  1. great work Alexandre! ^^

  2. Chris

    Excellent look, BUT as usual this is very very very hard to convert to html/css.

    • Orman

      I heard developers love a challenge ;)

    • niki090

      why? convertion work is easy. You can freely change the size as you need or just copy the layer style.

  3. Adolf

    Nice Work!!

    just a question, where do you get that background textures? They are so good.


    Looks Kikass. Thanks Orman

  5. Great one..Orman :D

  6. Cool freebie! thank you for sharing )

  7. Nice little freebie, shared on GAF! :)

  8. Great job- THANKS

  9. Thanks for sharing PSDs file !
    “Simple & useful” THANKS…..

  10. oh so glad to see some inspiring contributions from other talented designers as well! Great freebie!

  11. Looks nice, but has anyone built this as CSS/HTML yet?

  12. Almost 2,000 downloads, this is awesome. Orman, thank you for having shared my PSD here! And thanks all for the download, enjoy.

  13. nova

    French power ^^ !

  14. MattMischuk

    Where could I find that amazing pattern?

  15. sirenum

    Very nice. I’d too like to know where you got that background pattern from.

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