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Dark Navigation Menu (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a simple little thing, simple but very useful. This dark navigation menu can be dropped straight into a bunch of different designs and you’re good to go.

Included in the download (PSD) is of course the navigation menu bar itself and two varying hover or active states – I couldn’t make up my mind which I preferred. Also included is a suggestion of a site header but really you could replace that with almost anything. Enjoy!


  1. Simon Bouchard

    Clean, sexy.

    • Orman

      Cheers Simon, good to see you over here!

  2. superb. love this..

  3. Love it, a clean style as usual. Keep up the great work!

    • Orman

      Thanks Brad, appreciate it!

  4. Proov

    Wow! You’re freebies rocks like always !!

  5. $(‘.menu a’).this (The_next_Orman_Clark_theme ()

    • Orman

      Good guess but no cigar :)

  6. Just wrote some quick HTML/CSS markup for it! (includes the css, html, and background images – tested in FFX, Chrome, and IE8)

    • Alexander

      Nice :)

    • Samuel Jackson

      Your Awesome Lara!

    • Thank you Lara!

    • Maxime

      Thanks a lot Lara, you just saved 20 minutes!

  7. Ben Ackles

    Thanks again Orman! Your work is inspiring.

  8. Awesome freebie, here, I couldn’t help myself, I coded a fully integrated version of it Here Works in all mmodern browsers.

  9. As always. A great job, clean. Love your style ^^

  10. Ey Orman my man!
    Love it as always!!

    Btw, i saw your tutorial on webdesigntuts+ of the image slider/gallery.
    Could you post more tutorials like that?

    Also i have few questions for you (I just want to know how you do some things)

    1.Sizes – How do you exactly take your sizes? Every size you pick just looks right :P Do you use maths and how :P

    2. How do you make your stuff – Do you drink/listen or do something to inspire you.

    3.What’s the secret man – How do you make everything look so good?

    Sincerely yours – Rensa :P

    • Orman


      1. By eye mainly. If it looks right then it often is.

      2. I listen to music all day long, anything from Marilyn Manson to Kris Kross.

      3. There is no secret, just practice I guess. Plus, I don’t think all the stuff I produce looks that great anyway. I don’t think many designers are happy with their own work 100% of the time – I’m no different.

    • Enk.


      Though I’m, myself a big fan of Orman Clark’s work.

      -About your question no.3 – I think presentation also has a great effect. I mean, a simple thing presented well & beautifully can appeal lots of people.

      Except that, One question I have for Orman.
      Hey, how do you take extra time out for this stuff? I mean (& many designers) hardly spend time on our own personal website/portfolio.

  11. DanielMonksfield

    Hope this navigation menu will make it into one of your skins ;) Beautiful work yet again Orman.

  12. ar2oor

    Nice bg over menu :)

  13. This is brilliant!! Thanks! :D

  14. Ali Emre

    really very good menu style. congrats!

  15. Ah Orman! This menu is absolutely legendary.
    Really, really great work.

  16. Looks fantastic, will be creating a free WP theme using this menu. Great job!

  17. I downloaded, it’s even looking amazing without any site content, i like the header background and the simplicity of the navigation, surely i will use it in one of my theme.

    One more thing, it’s really modern navigation menu.

  18. That’s some really nice hover states right there! Cheers Orman!

  19. Your resources are best…

  20. ged

    Just found your page, what you are doing its amazing!good luck and big thanx!

  21. nathan

    Fantastic, many thanks

  22. aa

    Your design become better and better :)

  23. kailoon


  24. rtabor7

    I coded this too,
    I hate having to use images but I had to for the noise and effect on those bars. I tried to keep them a small size using .gif images (they actually kept the same effect).

  25. I coded this in a slightly different way than the others:
    Tested in all browsers (should even work on IE6).

    • Selcuk

      Great stuff! I’m going to use this in my own little project. Thank you!

  26. molokolo

    Thank you a lot!

  27. Syed Hasnain

    Is it possible to use this with the Hoarder theme, without the need of working further in Photoshop? Thanks

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