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Dark Button Navigation (PSD)


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Today’s freebie is a simple navigation menu made up of a series of buttons and a single search field – a classy affair.

The dark tone and style of the buttons immediately makes me think of application type websites however I’m sure this menu would fit into a variety of designs. Let me know what you think of the freebie and of course show me what you do with it!


  1. This is seriously nice Orman. Great use of colour and states are well thought out, love it.

    • Totally agree with ya there

    • Orman

      Cheers Benjamin! Looking forward to seeing what you do with Liistr by the way :)

  2. Love the colour choice, great navigation set!

    • Orman

      Thanks Damian! Good to see you on here by the way!

  3. Orman, I am seriously loving this.
    Great work.

  4. Just found you from psdtuts, love your work!

  5. great Navigation Orman!
    hope you make more like this ;)

  6. Awesome as usual – so awesome I might just buy that Classica theme ;-)

  7. david

    cant download

    • Orman

      Give it another go, seems to be working fine.

  8. Very nice work Orman, fantastic subtle colour changes and a great choice of colour aswell.
    You got the skillz boi…
    Lovin’ the website too, you got a great eye for detail.

  9. Thanks for your share ;D

  10. Awesome stuff as usual, absolutely no surprises there… :)

  11. Just FYI, your site is the best thing EVER. :)

  12. Jeff H

    This is absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

    (Found this on forrst.)

  13. Beautiful work; what is the font you used to label the sample image (“active” and “hover”), if you don’t mind me asking?

  14. Martijn

    What font did you use for the hover/active text?

  15. Hi Orman,

    i have just started with my own blog, so i have re-posted this on my blog…i hope it’s ok.

    Here’s the link:

    Sorry, but the blog is on Serbian language…

  16. Rai

    Thank you for sharing! Your stuff are awesome.

  17. heishage

    thanks for you~!

  18. Aniket

    The BEST site ever ! never get tired of coming back to see what more you post !

  19. Jaime Rodríguez

    Very beautiful buttons, thanks a lot.

  20. Steffin

    Thnx for sharing your art and knowledge with us,
    its really helpful for us..

  21. Really Awesome navigation….

    Thanks for sharing.

  22. ramesh...hyd,India

    Nice Design Orman

  23. Great design, finally found what i am looking for recently. Thanks for sharing..

  24. zaabi

    Thanks as always Orman!

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